The Town Centre Mall Contract: More Questions Than Answers

Recent comments by St. Annes MP and co-owner of Town Centre Mall Brent Symonette during an interview with talk show host Shenique Miller raise the following questions about the general post office lease agreement which ought to have been tabled in parliament last October and has yet to be made public some nine months later:

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Boasting About Taking More From Us In Taxes

The issue on the ground is ultimately this: the government is taking more of the people’s money, but doing less for the people in a tangible way with the extra money it is taking. That is what more revenue versus less expenditure ultimately amounts to in real terms. So yes, you have a figure for first quarter (and it is only first quarter), but all governments must ask themselves “how is life changing on the ground for everyday people in their everyday lives?” Continue reading

Gov’t Insults The Nation And Refuses To Provide Answers To Critical Questions On Oban Energies

After over a month of refusing to respond to press and public queries about the now infamous Oban project, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis spoke about Oban today in Parliament, but did not provide answers to any of the critical matters thereto. In a prepared text of insults to the intelligence of the Bahamian people, the Prime Minister did not speak comprehensively to Oban as he promised, but instead spent most of his time talking about the PLP administration – an administration that did not sign a Heads of Agreement (HOA) with Oban as the FNM administration has done, and an administration which says it chose not to sign a HOA with Oban for two of the very same reasons that have made this project such a teeming controversy for the FNM administration. To force the nation to wait this long only to refuse to speak to the salient matters of this project and instead seek to use the PLP as a smokescreen, is yet another stunning show of contempt for the Bahamian people and the reputation of The Bahamas.

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10 Reasons An Announcement About Raises for MPs Is A Slap In Our Face

Few things assault a citizenry more than its government spending considerable time and resources making the case for how dire the nation’s finances are and how sacrifices must be made to save us from economic peril – only to have that same government turn around and tell those same citizens that while they must feel the pinch, their elected officials will be getting more money.

#1 – THE CUPBOARDS ARE BARE, REMEMBER? – and we are in times of “austerity”, but somehow you braved the dust bunnies in those bare cupboards to see your way clear to giving yourselves more money. Continue reading

I’m Grand Bahamian & I Support Assisting Dominica’s Storm Victims

Personally, I have no problem with us assisting the children of Dominica. I do not believe that providing help to those in need will suddenly make us destitute or less able to be helped, and I live in Grand Bahama where things have been tough for years. Were it not for foreign aid, from the United States in the North to Jamaica in the South, our island would have suffered even more pain than it did during Frances and would still be in darkness after Hurricane Matthew last year. When we saw those foreign guys on those poles fixing our light, we didn’t block them at the border or tell them get out of our country because you are not Bahamian. We didn’t block our borders in West End to foreign groups who came in bringing relief supplies. Their countries have major problems too. Their households undoubtedly have their challenges. We welcomed them with open arms because we needed them and will need them again should, God forbid, we get hit with more major hurricanes. Continue reading

The Biggest Emergency Of Budget Debate Details…

Appropriate regard being had to the country’s financial indicators, the biggest emergency I heard spoken of during this year’s Budget debate is that of our educational system. We as Bahamians are very good at living in denial and pretending to be where we are not as a country. We quickly take offense and clutch defiantly onto our insecurities and feelings of inferiority whenever education is discussed. The reality is that it will ultimately matter very little who is in office if the majority of your citizens cannot read, comprehend and calculate beyond a certain grade level. The nation cannot advance beyond a certain level if so many of us are appreciably limited in our ability to critically think, reason, and productively carry out certain fundamentals in our society. Yes, the nation will have some bright moments along the way, but collectively we will be lacking in very significant ways. Continue reading

Do We Really Want Our Financial Mess Fixed? Do We?

Fixing our financial free-fall is not going to happen by making a bunch of us happy in the short to medium term. To get our financial house in order will take making many of us angry – very angry. It is going to take MPs and Ministers who are prepared to become unpopular with their constituents and the general public as hard and painful decisions must be made. It’s going to take Ministers being prepared to become the enemy in some of our eyes in order to reverse our downward trends. It’s going to take national sacrifice – and this is what the public is not being told. Continue reading

Public Service Employee Spending – Figures

Since the start of the 2017/2018 Budget process in Parliament, there has been much talk about hundreds of persons hired into the Public Service prior to the General Election and the millions such hiring is said to have cost taxpayers. Ever wonder what we pay to and for current public sector employees and sector retirees?

2017/2018 Budget Allocations:

Salaries & Allowances – $753.5 million
Non-Contributory Pension Payments – $95 million
Health Insurance Premiums – $71.7 million
Gratuities – $33 million
NIB – $31.3 million
Parliamentary Pensions – $1.7 million Continue reading

Make Tabling Specific Information A Legal Requirement For Gov’t Resolutions To Borrow Money

We haven’t been told if a review of our financial administration laws is planned, but I believe we need to look at legislating the caliber of information that must be submitted to the Parliament along with Resolutions to borrow sums of money. That way, there would be no argument about what should be brought by any given government – a standard and requirement in law would be set. In order to borrow money, the Minister of Finance must bring a Resolution to Parliament requesting the consent of Parliament to do so. Since Parliament must give the approval, then Parliament should be given all the requisite information to support such a request by the government. Continue reading

Bahamians Voted For Change – Stop Getting In Your Feelings Now That They Are Demanding What They Voted For

Winning an election is an exciting time if your side has emerged victorious. I get that entirely. Nevertheless, governance starts on day 1; the country does not pause while we sit in our euphoria or sadness about an election result. People vote the way they do for many reasons. For those who voted in search of progressive change, they have every right to demand it and ought to demand it along with making a commitment to actually be involved in their democracy – since marking an X does not mark the end of the work we as citizens have to do in a democracy. Continue reading