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MPs Need Schooling

senatebuilding1The Bahamas is not a teaching society – meaning, education and proficiency is not the first priority in much of what we undertake. In every sector of our society, persons are given positions without knowing and understanding the fundamentals or post-fundamentals of that position. They then get in and as time goes on, the standard of the profession or calling is diminished in the country because the sectors are filled with people who do not know what they are doing, and then those persons are left to mimic others who also never got “taught in when brought in”. Hence, the cycle continues.

Our MPs ought to be required to demonstrate levels of proficiency in critical aspects of their job for the Bahamian people. I will focus on the Senate in a different post. Being a lawyer, doctor, accountant, etc does not automatically make you a proficient Parliamentarian or legislator. Continue reading

Leadership – Don’t Let The Good Ones Down

leadership-2400x813Leadership is hard. Leadership pulls and tests and many times hurts in ways those not in that position can never understand. Leaders are put on unreasonable pedestals and then quickly torn down from them at the first sign of weakness or humanity. We all have our grand opinions about what a leader should be and do, but have no idea what being in that position really entails. We are all experts in leadership though most of us have never seen the calling or office, and do not want it unless we believe it will give us power we are not fit to have. If you have a truly good leader (not ‘good’ by our warped standards of ‘what is in it for me’), fight for him or her the way he or she fights for you. One of the reasons we have so many bad leaders is we keep letting the good ones down, and we let them get consumed either by our own personal issues or by the system. The bad leaders stick around and keep getting to the top because they are part of the system and their lust for power won’t let them let go. If we keep blocking and failing the good ones, we will only be left and stuck with the bad ones. Continue reading

Stay Together – Division Must Be Fought At All Costs

15171138_10154330230707881_8189874215690033808_nThe People’s March has lit a fire and changed the game. Bahamians now see what they can do if they just step out and do it. In every movement it is harder to stay together than to get together. Higher levels, bigger devils. That is why you must guard against moves to break momentum by divide and conquer tactics. Support your leader and support one another. Don’t be content to merely ask “We marched, so now what?” Instead, ask what you can do to move the movement forward and get busy doing it. Continue reading

Hot Weather Response Must Change

hot weather construction2016 is projected to be the hottest year on planet earth. The earth is getting warmer. Weather events are becoming more extreme. The earth’s climate is continuing to undergo change that is changing the course of life as we know it. The sweltering temperatures we are suffering through are no longer simply a typical matter of “just being hot”. Temperatures and heat indexes in The Bahamas are now becoming threats to health and life. Governments of The Bahamas must now develop policies and relevant legislation to respond to the public health and safety needs that arise due to rising temperatures. Our leaders travel abroad to make grand speeches at Climate Change conferences, only to return home making no change whatsoever to address the needs that now arise as a result of what experts attribute to climate change. Continue reading

From The Puff To Purpose

The ‪#‎SupportThePuff movement has caused us to have very necessary dialogs about who we are as people of color and how we see ourselves. Some of us have been taught to discount ourselves so much that any discussion about ourselves we consider to be overblown, or doing too much. But the discussion about how we see ourselves when we look at our reflection is far deeper than just fashion or style. Many of us do not understand how the messages we have been taught either directly or indirectly about our hair, our skin color, our skin tone, our facial features, etc factor in to how we treat ourselves and how we treat one another. Poor self-esteem is among the root causes of many of the life-altering mistakes we make. Many of us are destroying ourselves trying to look “right” in the eyes of others, and so many of us are just not comfortable in our own skin. Continue reading

VIDEO: Stop The Harassment, Mis-Education and Self Hate

11th Grade CR Walker Senior High student Tayjha Deleveaux speaks with me on Monday, Feb 15, 2016 about the ongoing harassment she is suffering on campus due to her natural hairstyle. THE STYLE DOES NOT VIOLATE SCHOOL RULES OR THE EDUCATION ACT, yet the student continues to be subjected to a hostile learning environment because of it. LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE. Let them live, learn and love themselves. They are not violating rules, so stop violating them – and stop the harassment, mis-education and self-hate. #SupportThePuff

STOP Mis-Education & Self-Hate #SupportThePuff

You Do Not Need Perm Or European Hair Styles To Be Educated, Worthy, Productive Or Successful – Do Not Attempt To Penalize Or Hurt Children For Preserving & Loving What Is Natural To Them

Tayjha Delevaux #SupportThePuff

Tayjha Delevaux







Pictured is Tayjha Deleveaux, a young, beautiful and intelligent student of CR Walker who is currently under administrative pressure in her school because of her natural hair – brought to tears on campus due to how she was reportedly spoken to by the school’s Principal on this issue. Her mother is pictured in this screenshot holding up a picture of her daughter. Children wearing their natural hair have reportedly been told not to return to school this coming Monday with their natural hairstyles, and Tayjha and her mother are now in fear of the child’s School Prefect nomination being stripped simply because of the child’s natural hair. Students on the campus have even held a silent protest due to the nature of this issue. Continue reading

When A Shocking Crime Involving Minors Happens

STABBINGMy condolences to the parents, family and friends of the young Doris Johnson High School student brutally murdered by a group of apparent youngsters in broad daylight Wednesday. It is my hope that his murderers, as with all murderers, are brought to justice. There are many emotions and debates involving this senseless and tragic murder, and there are many angles to this discussion. I will focus on one of those angles for now as I have over the last three years: Continue reading

Understand How They See Us & What We Need To Change About Ourselves

WAKEUPWhen you hear politicians say: “we need to do so and so (whether it will hurt the country and the people or not), otherwise we might not win the election” – that kind of statement actually speaks worse of us than it does of them. Here is why: what they are really saying is – the people don’t check for the details or the impact of what we do and they don’t demand much to anything of us – so as long as we look like we have done what we tell them we have done, they will accept us, forgive us and let us get away with our mess.” And you know what? THEY ARE RIGHT. This is how many of us are as Bahamians. ALL FACTS. So what do we need to do? Stop proving the politicians right about this. Stop sitting back expecting something to change with them if nothing is changing about the way you respond to the things they do to your country and to you.

A Sex Offenders Registry – A Few Reasons We’re Not Likely To See It Happen Anytime Soon

crimeIn my view, there are three key reasons among other reasons behind why a Sex Offenders Registry may not be seen anytime soon. A first reason is that the value of children in general is far too low in our society. For too many of us, children are things; not humans with a soul too precious to play with. They are assets or liabilities. They many times become weapons in the wars we start when relationships turn sour, and they certainly are always the primary victims of our messed up mindsets and poor lifestyle choices. Continue reading