STOP Mis-Education & Self-Hate #SupportThePuff

You Do Not Need Perm Or European Hair Styles To Be Educated, Worthy, Productive Or Successful – Do Not Attempt To Penalize Or Hurt Children For Preserving & Loving What Is Natural To Them

Tayjha Delevaux #SupportThePuff

Tayjha Delevaux







Pictured is Tayjha Deleveaux, a young, beautiful and intelligent student of CR Walker who is currently under administrative pressure in her school because of her natural hair – brought to tears on campus due to how she was reportedly spoken to by the school’s Principal on this issue. Her mother is pictured in this screenshot holding up a picture of her daughter. Children wearing their natural hair have reportedly been told not to return to school this coming Monday with their natural hairstyles, and Tayjha and her mother are now in fear of the child’s School Prefect nomination being stripped simply because of the child’s natural hair. Students on the campus have even held a silent protest due to the nature of this issue. Continue reading

Celebrate 242 Youth

ATTN: ALL READERS – There is always such bad news reported and shown about our young people in the country, that the good they do rarely gets celebrated or recognized publicly. Well, I want to help to change that. So, I am going to start a new section on my website TheReal242┬ádesigned to celebrate the accomplishments of our youth.

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