PM Christie’s Sandals Exuma Statement And Why Gov’t Must Address The Attitudes Of Workers Throughout The Country

Bahamians were no doubt shocked to hear Prime Minister Perry Christie this week say the Sandals Resort at Emerald Bay in Exuma was in danger of closing its doors. This came as stunning news to the average Bahamian, who before now, was not given reason by the Bahamas Government to fear such a thing with Emerald Bay, the lifeline of employment on the island of Exuma, employing hundreds of Bahamians. Continue reading

Ministers, What Are All These Handguns For?

Have you at any point since the general election sat down, put your politics aside and given serious, mature thought to why, for the first time in an Independent Bahamas, our Cabinet Ministers are armed with handguns, weapons that you and I can’t carry? Politics so clouds us that very little gets intelligently and objectively discussed, but ask yourself. If an armed Minister ever decides he or she needs to use that weapon, who are they going to use it on? Either you or me – the Bahamian public. What personal danger or threat coming from any of us is so great that the people we elected need to have a loaded handgun standing between us and them? Continue reading

Who Are The Urban Renewal Workers DPM Davis Claims Were Re-Hired?

Minister of Works Brave Davis was quoted in a national daily last week as saying that some of the persons recently let go from Urban Renewal have been re-hired following their re-application for their previously held posts. The daily went on to point out that Mr. Davis did not indicate how many persons had been re-hired.

But a check with the relevant authorities revealed that none of the Urban Renewal workers in New Providence have been re-hired since their release from the programme. At least one employee in Grand Bahama was retained. Authorities with the programme indicated that they know nothing of any re-hires in the programme in Nassau. Continue reading