Will the Church Put Its Vote Where Its Mouth Is?

At some point, the government says it will put a referendum to the Bahamian people about the legalization of the numbers business.

For the information of readers, the expected referendum is not a constitutional referendum, meaning, the vote will not change anything in the Constitution – it is simply a public opinion poll in this instance. It would be a constitutional referendum on the subject of gambling if there were to be a vote on allowing Bahamians to gamble in the nation’s casinos, because the Constitution currently says we cannot do so. But the Prime Minister has said casino gambling will not be put to a vote, and so we are not being asked to consider changing an article of our Constitution. Continue reading

Flood-Ravaged Abaco – Gov’t Has Yet to Show Its Face

Abaco sadly, sustained the most damage of all islands in The Bahamas as a result of what climatologists now call the super-storm, Hurricane Sandy.

When the government wanted to win the seat left vacant by former MP Hubert Ingraham in North Abaco, the entire Cabinet of The Bahamas (many times at taxpayer expense) was on that island campaigning. Abaco was inundated with government presence out of New Providence bearing promises overflowing, all to capture what it apparently saw as the crown jewel of its now 30-seat majority in Parliament. Continue reading

Prime Minister, Next Time You Shut Down The Country, Please Follow Protocol So You Don’t Create Havoc For The Nation’s Banks

Mr. Prime Minister, when you are going to shut down the country ahead of an act of God such as a tropical cyclone, one of the many things that need to be done is the government is to formally and in a timely manner, advise the Governor of the Central Bank, so that the Central Bank can cause the necessary to be done in concert with the Clearing Banks Association regarding the hours of operation for banks during that particular period of time. Continue reading

Politicians Get What Our Police Officers Cannot

A very short post with a very simple question: why are off- duty police officers not now permitted to be armed, when the Commissioner of Police has given handguns to Cabinet Ministers, namely Ministers Bernard Nottage & Keith Bell?Unconfirmed reports indicate that the Attorney General is also allegedly armed. Continue reading

ZNS Still Isn’t Cutting It After All These Years

After all these decades, ZNS still does not provide up-to-the-minute coverage of hurricanes that affect our islands. ZNS gets millions of dollars of tax payer money each year (most of which that has gone to salaries), and taxpayers still have to turn to U.S stations for storm information – information that of course will not be specific to islands of The Bahamas. Continue reading

The Opposition FNM Is Too Important To Be Derailed by Leadership’s Personal Vendettas

In the May 7 General Election, 65,000 Bahamians cast their vote for the Free National Movement. Thousands more either still do, or have at one point supported the FNM or voted for the FNM in previous elections. In short, this 41-year-old political party in The Bahamas is one of our two major Parties, having led The Bahamas for 15 of its almost 40 years as an Independent nation. Continue reading

PM Christie Should Perform His Role In Regional And International Organisations

The Bahamas is a country of islands, but the country is not an island unto itself. We are a part of the world, the globe’s village made smaller by the regional and international organisations of which we are a part.

Since May 7, two critical annual meetings have been held and our Prime Minister was a no-show: the Caricom Annual Heads of Government Meeting and the Annual Meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF). Continue reading

North Abaco Speaks, And The FNM’s Leader Speaks The Unbelievable

North Abaco spoke in Monday’s by-election and has decided who it wants to represent them in Parliament.

In a democracy, the will of the people must be respected, and since our Prime Minister tonight declared that none of his by-election campaign promises made to Abaco were idle, Abaco should be able to look forward to all that was promised to them through the election of their new Member of Parliament. That, by the way Mr. Prime Minister, cannot happen if the people of Abaco are terminated for their political affiliation – either perceived or otherwise – or if people are in any other way mistreated or denied their constitutional rights because they did not support your Party and its candidate, now MP-Elect, Mr. Renardo Curry. Continue reading

Gov’t Salary Deductions for Police Reportedly Unpaid to Banks

Members of the Police Credit Union report that salary deductions taken from their pay by the government have not been sent for the past two months to the various banking institutions to which they are designated, the total amount of which reportedly being a substantial sum in overdue payments. Continue reading