After 40 Years, Being Bahamian Still Isn’t Good Enough – Americans To Star In Our 40th Independence Celebrations

Why is our government planning our 40th independence celebrations making the highlight of the main events foreign musical artists? So, we are going to celebrate 40 years of being Bahamian by celebrating the artistry of foreigners?

There have been many outrageous and ridiculous things seen in recent times in our country, but this one has got to rank among the top ten of those at least, and is a crushing and inexcusable slap in the face to all Bahamians, but most especially our Bahamian musicians, singers, actors and playwrights – our cultural icons. Continue reading

The Prime Minister Is Responsible For The Entire Country, Not Only The Portion That Votes For Him/Her

At the outset, let me state that I am not a supporter of either leader of the major political parties in The Bahamas at this time. That being said, I as a Bahamian need to make a statement on the comments made by our Prime Minister in Abaco this weekend, wherein he told BAHAMIANS there that unless they vote the way he wants them to, they should not expect to easily get what they are entitled to as Bahamians – whether that be basic infrastructure, roads or other needs that Bahamians expect their government to meet for Bahamians. Continue reading

It Is Not Funny To Butcher The National Anthem

I have seen this kind of nonsense happen at rallies of both major political parties in this country – it is NOT funny to butcher the national anthem.

In countries whose citizens actually have a national identity, such a thing is tantamount to treason, but many in our aloof society see this kind of thing as a joke. Continue reading

Too Few Murder Cases End in Convictions

Let me begin by stating that our Police Force is unquestionably a vital component of our democracy, and should be provided all resources possible to carry out its mandate. A key element of this mandate is being the critical dynamic in the pursuit of justice for criminal cases.

Recently, the Police Force announced that its detection rate for murders so far this year stands at about 70%. A case is termed “detected” when an arrest is made and a person is put before the courts by the Force. Now, 70% sounds like a good number if repeated enough times without pertinent context – painting a picture that justice is being served in most of the murder cases in the country. But the statistics on convictions in murder cases in The Bahamas show a starkly different picture from the one the singular announcement of a figure could create, as very few murder cases actually end in a conviction of the persons police have put before the courts as being the perpetrators of a murder. Continue reading

The North Abaco By-Election Campaigns

Now that the Miami-Dade public school system has confirmed that FNM candidate for North Abaco Greg Gomez was telling the truth in his recent interview with the Nassau Guardian, wherein he stated that he is an educator who was employed at several Miami middle schools, the time is due for the Leader of the Free National Movement to step in and clear up any lingering doubts or concerns about the viability of his Party’s candidate because of his perceived performance during that interview. Continue reading

Cabinet In Abaco – Spending Money We Don’t Have On Things You And I Shouldn’t Be Paying For

It would have been wonderful if the press held Prime Minister Perry Christie accountable when they stood in front of him holding mics and cameras while he told them point blank that he and his Cabinet are going to Abaco “to ensure that Renardo Curry” is elected.

What does the Cabinet of The Bahamas have to do with the election of a candidate? The Cabinet of The Bahamas is supposed to be meeting on the business of the Bahamian people – period, that is what that branch of Government is empowered by the Constitution to do. Continue reading