Retired Pensioners Re-Hired By The Government Are Still Collecting Pension Along With Their New Salary

The Bahamas economy is facing a downgrade, something no country can afford during this period – especially a country like ours which depends on the ability of tourists to afford vacationing here.

With that said, the Government has re-hired a significant number of retirees on pension from the Government, but it continues to pay the pensions of these persons. So now a country that already has a dangerous debt level is spending double on former senior public officers and officers of the uniformed branches. Continue reading

GB Hotel Job Seekers Are Told To Apply Through Government Politician’s Office

I just phoned the Ministry of Grand Bahama to ask if I can go down there and pick up a job application for the proposed Reef Village project at the Our Lucaya Resort, and was told by the Ministry’s receptionist that I should go to the “customer service” section of the Ministry of Grand Bahama to collect the job application. Continue reading

Crooked Island High School – Is It Truly A Priority, And The Interesting Detail The Education Minister Revealed That Raises Questions

The Crooked Island High School was damaged in Hurricane Irene last year. The school needs to be repaired. Back on September 11, Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald is quoted in the Nassau Guardian as saying the Government received the scope of the repair work on August 3, after which time it sent the work out to tender for bids. He also said the funding for the work was in place, and he expected the repair work to be completed by the end of the year (2012). Continue reading

Opposition, Get To Work On Investigating Key Areas Of Overspending By The Government

Just because the Government has decided that it wants to spend all its time in Parliament focusing on numbers doesn’t mean the Opposition must follow suit.

The state of the Bahamas economy and specifically the public treasury urgently needs to be reported to the Bahamian people. I can say what I know, but can the elected officials who make up the Opposition and who head the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament snap into action and find out, and then report to the Bahamian people on the state of the public treasury and public expenditure? Continue reading

Now Church, You Can’t Have It Both Ways

It has been amazing to me to watch the level of protest coming from the church about legalising numbers, even though numbers has been with us since well before Independence and whose proceeds many a church has taken in over the decades by way of church offerings. I am not knocking the church’s “vote no” viewpoint – it is theirs and they have a right to it. But the level of media time, newspaper space, internet campaigns, etc from the church on numbers to the point of the church saying it will make this a national thrust, going from island to island with their message, is astounding when you compare it to the voice of the church on other very serious issues in our nation. Continue reading

We’re In The Twilight Zone – Parliament Spends Two Days Debating A Bill That Does Not Exist

Two full days of “debate” in Parliament, and not a single Member of Parliament touched the actual Bill that is before Parliament, neither from the Government or Opposition side. So the major legal question regarding the actual Bill before the House, which is the question of whether non-constitutional referenda will be legally binding and if so, how this will impact the entire process of the creation of laws in our parliamentary system, has not been touched or debated at all. Continue reading

This Is How You Know Your Nation Is Sick

You know this when the media can run a story saying there are 700 teen pregnancies each year in The Bahamas, most of whom are minors between 13 and 15 years of age, and not a single word from anywhere is heard thereafter – not from the church, the police, the government, nowhere – even though if the girls are minors that means they are almost all victims of statutory rape; an offence that now carries a maximum life sentence under the legislative amendments made by the previous administration. Continue reading

Urban Renewal 2.0 Has Shown The Entire Nation Just What Our Current Government Is Really All About – And It’s Not Even About Their Own Supporters

When DPM and Works Minister Brave Davis opted not to continue the contracts of some 80-plus Urban Renewal staffers because they were thought to be FNM supporters, his Ministry replaced those persons with his Party’s supporters: PLP supporters. And what did the government turn right around and do to “their supporters”? Have them working now for 7 months with no contract (which means they are not legally employed with the Government of The Bahamas), no pay and no plausible explanation for either egregious situation. Continue reading

A Low Down Dirty Shame – Numbers Men a Higher Priority With the Government Than Victims of Hurricane Sandy

After I raised the question online and with colleagues on Thursday, November 15, only then was it reported by the media on the Friday that exigency orders for the islands affected by Hurricane Sandy only came into effect on that same Thursday, November 15!!!!!!! So the Government was able to  push out a Communication to Parliament and then an amendment Bill to facilitate the holding of an opinion poll for the numbers men before it could take care of Sandy victims who have been waiting for these exigency orders since last month??!! Continue reading