Wake Up And Pay Attention in 2013

Warning-wake-up-signBahamas as we head into 2013, please be mindful and reminded of this – it’s time now to stop being so selfish and self-centered and start looking at what is happening to your brother, your sister and your country and be the change you want to see.

If that means you must take a stand, by God’s grace STAND. 2013 can be the year the tables turn – if we turn our hearts to God and our ears and eyes toward our homes and neighborhoods and what’s really happening around us everyday that we keep living in denial about. Continue reading

Why Did The Attorney General Have a Gun Case Against Her Former Clients Dismissed By The Courts?


In a December 24 Tribune story, two persons on a gun charge who used to be clients of the now Attorney General when she was in Opposition, have since had their case dismissed by order of the Attorney General. As you would have seen in the December 24 Tribune story linked above, the circumstances under which this case was ordered dismissed raised questions. Follow-Up Story: AG’s Office Has Gun Case Dismissed Continue reading

Now That the Charade of an “HD Launch” at ZNS is Complete, Perhaps the Focus on Balanced News Reporting Can Begin

STOPLAYINGGAMESI don’t know about anyone else, but one of my personal pet peeves is the willful deception of people. My mantra always is “present the facts, whether those facts make you look good or not.”

Against that backdrop, the charade of a “launch of HD” at ZNS tonight would have been entertaining were it not ludicrous on two key levels – the first being that the use of HD equipment at ZNS began at the beginning of 2012 – not this or last month. Continue reading

The Story Has Holes – Living “Platinum” at Our Expense at NIB

platinumCCI cannot say the media missed the point I am about to raise because I don’t know that it was a point they were looking for to begin with – but remember when the story of this NIB-issued corporate platinum credit card was being talked about and the media said Minister for NIB Shane Gibson allegedly did not know NIB Chairman Greg Moss even had the card in the first place?  Continue reading

PM Christie Knocks Treasured Aspects of Junkanoo


Right now on ZNS’ live coverage of Boxing Day Junkanoo, Prime Minister Perry Christie is saying that there are “A” Groups, “B” Groups, and then there are the other groups such as scrap groups and smaller groups that Bahamians rush in, of which he says: “all they do is take up time and space, which is a challenge that the government has to look at.”

All they do is take up time and space?? Junkanoo is for every Bahamian. So if you are not large enough to be an A or B group, you are a nuisance to the Boxing Day and New Year’s Day parades – a nuisance the government of The Bahamas suddenly needs “to take a look at”? Continue reading

Two High-Ranking PLP Members Given Go-Ahead Before January 28 Poll to Operate Gaming Houses

SPEAKTHETRUTH_242While Prime Minister Perry Christie has led a drawn out process of providing the Bahamian people with the question(s) for the January 28 opinion poll on gaming in The Bahamas, his government has wasted no time in already giving the go-ahead to two high-ranking members of the governing Party to set up gaming houses in the country. Continue reading

Is NIB About to Award a Multi-Million Dollar Contract to the Prime Minister’s Brother?

OURMONEY1Will the Board of Directors of the National Insurance Board please advise on whether they received from the BROTHER OF THE PRIME MINISTER a mold remediation scope of works proposal for a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT, which they have reviewed and are in the process of awarding to the Prime Minister’s brother? Continue reading

New Legal Problems for NIB Chairman Greg Moss

gavelA complaint has been lodged with the Bahamas Bar Association against NIB Chairman Greg Moss by a former Grand Bahama client of his, Mr. Peter Baldwin over alleged non-payment of monies allegedly owed. Mr. Baldwin is represented in this suit by attorney Theron Bethel.

Meanwhile, the Government of The Bahamas should advise the Bahamian people on whether it has planned to float a loan from the Bank of The Bahamas to the NIB Chairman to pay off all his private debts.

The Government of The Bahamas is a major shareholder in The Bank of The Bahamas.

What’s To Stop a Gun Massacre From Happening in The Bahamas?

realtalkThe other day, we had an incident at a nightclub in Nassau where a shooter allegedly walked into the club and started spraying the crowd with bullets from an automatic assault weapon.

We already know that the number of illegal guns in this country is disproportionately high and we know that most murders and attempted murders in this country are committed by guns. Continue reading