Bahamas Credit Rating Downgraded – The Leader Dances While Our Economy Burns

ECONOMYBURNSBefore I begin let us immediately put the lie to the statement issued by the Government and the Progressive Liberal Party tonight about the downgrade of The Bahamas’ sovereign credit rating by Moody’s. (READ FULL MOODY’S REPORT HERE). The “it’s all Ingraham’s fault” nonsense is not going to cut it this time. If the handling of the economy between 2007-2012 was so poor, our sovereign credit would have been downgraded at any time during those 5 years – IT WAS NOT. Now it has been – and here is why:

As was warned when The Bahamas’ economic outlook was downgraded from stable to negative following the passage of the government’s 2012/2013 budget which included A HALF BILLION DOLLARS IN BORROWING – the country’s credit rating has now been downgraded by Moody’s. Continue reading

NIB “Leaks” Almost Cause the Death of a Nassau Man Just Moments Ago

Just moments ago, a Bahamian businessman named in a December 5 tabloid website story was robbed at gunpoint in his home in Nassau. The website claimed the businessman had been contracted some $8 million in work over the years from NIB – a claim that has not been substantiated by the National Insurance Board.

Well that story could have resulted in the murder of that businessman, because today the armed robbers held him at gun point and said “we hear you have $8 million and we come for some of dat.” The man of course did not have that kind of money and was robbed of other items at gunpoint at his home. Police are at this time on the scene investigating the armed robbery. Continue reading

So Abaco, Tell Us How You Feel

Minister of Transport and Aviation Glenys Hanna-Martin says the brand new government international airport in Abaco is an expense the treasury cannot take on, is burdensome, and won’t be opened anytime soon.

You hear that Abaco? For the first time in the history of an independent Bahamas, the government has publicly said it does not want to support a government airport on a major island in The Bahamas. Your tax dollars go to the treasury, but the government has announced that it is not interested in using your tax dollars to support a government airport that has been desperately needed for years on the island of Abaco – the island with the third largest economy in the country. Continue reading

If In Seven Months Things Can Be This Wrong, In Seven Months Things Could Have Been Done Right

Supporters of the governing Party like to say to critics “the government has just gotten in, you’ve got to give them some time before you critique them on their performance – Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Fair enough. But here is the question though – why does the government need to be given much more time to do what’s right and good, when it has clearly wasted no time at all in causing a mess in numerous government ministries and agencies? Continue reading