BAHAMAS: This Injunction Does Not Allow Webshops to Break The Law Through Continuing Webshop Gaming

handcuffsBahamas please be minded of this – the day’s injunction for the webshops only allows them to stay open – it does not allow them to break the law, as no court order can order the breaking of the laws of the country.

Therefore if the webshops open their doors fine – but if they are playing numbers and webshop games, they are still breaking the law and therefore the police force still must execute its duty to arrest offenders in that regard. Continue reading

The “No” Vote Saved The Country From What Would Have Been A Major And Violent Turf War

turf-warsEveryone who is a reader of mine knows the myriad of points I’ve put forward over the last 7 months so I don’t need to repeat them here except to say that what much of the Bahamian people did not know is had they voted yes, and the government proceeded to handle the numbers houses the way they planned to after a yes vote – the country TRULY would not have liked the immediate outcome. Continue reading

Relatively Low Voter Turnout Is A Defeat For The Government And Shows That Bahamians Do Not Trust Their Government

no-trustWhen a government spends a reported $1 million in taxpayer money on an exercise that included the passage of brand new legislation to unjustifiably tamper with the Constitutional Referendum Act, as well as consistent public statements about the national importance and implications of a vote at the polls – and it cannot get voters to come out to the polls, it is a clear demonstration that the public at large does not trust the word of the government of the day or the system of the poll that the government is presenting – and therefore did not see the need to go to the polls. Continue reading

At The Polls On Monday…

ballot-box-thumb1Make sure that you have your voters card. If you for some reason do not have your voters card, you must present your passport in order to vote. Obey the rules of the Parliamentary Elections Act so that you are not forced to leave the polling station itself – rules that include the restriction of the use of cellular telephones and photographic equipment. Continue reading

REAL TALK – Those Who Can Receive It Will. Those Who Won’t, Won’t

realtalkLet me tell y’all something. Ignorant people, FNMs included, liked to say Ingraham was a godless man because he didn’t go to church (which is total idiocy), but that is what religious as opposed to spiritual people deal in everyday. Yet he out of his own mouth said he decided not to proceed anymore with the potential push for legalising the numbers racket after a long meeting with the Bishop of the Anglican Church.

Now here comes the current Prime Minister who everybody calls “a man of compassion” and “man who fears God” who has told the church to politely kiss his posterior. Continue reading

Prime Minister Now Announces He Will Break The Constitution And Law Depending On Monday’s Poll Results. Is The Media Crazy For Not Challenging The Prime Minister On This?

unconstitutionalIn a referendum in The Bahamas, it does not matter how much of the electorate turns out to vote – so long as after the votes are counted there is a MAJORITY OF VOTES CAST FOR A PARTICULAR QUESTION – the question passes.

Now the Prime Minister, as reported by the Nassau Guardian, is saying that if a certain amount of people don’t turn out, the government will decide on what to do about the questions, regardless of the votes of those who do cast their ballots. Continue reading



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Have you ever been in a relationship where the other person swore they cared about you and believed in you, but turned around and did things to break you down as a person? We probably all have, whether it is with family, friends or loved ones.

When a person believes in you, they will do what is best for you whether it personally benefits them or not. When a person believes in you, they will help you stand on your own two feet instead of having to depend on them for your survival. And when a person believes in you, they don’t feed you lies and keep you blind so they can get what they want from you, but they instead give you the truth – because they know that once you know the truth, the knowledge of that truth can surely set you free. Continue reading

(VIDEO) PRIME MINISTER: March of Criminal Numbers Bosses “A Wonderful Day for The Bahamas”

WRONGWAYThis is what our government has reduced us to in the eyes of the world, that the leader of our country would declare to the press that criminals boldly marching on Parliament declaring that they are lawbreakers, proud of it and will not stop breaking the law is “a wonderful day in The Bahamas.” (Video Below) Continue reading

The Commissioner of Police Is A Disgrace & The Bahamas Is Showing Itself To Be A Lawless Disgrace To The Region & The World

BAHAMASLAWLESSNumbers is illegal. But the numbers men and their “workers” are having a parade on Bay Street today, approved by the Royal Bahamas Police Force and marshaled by the police.

Does anyone really need to wonder why the very fabric of our nation is in the festering, putrefying state it is in today? This is the easiest way for the police force to arrest all these lawbreakers eh? Because now they are all in one place – an easy catch. Before a group can have a public gathering the police have to issue the group a permit – so the Royal Bahamas Police Force gave a permit to criminals to gather on Bay Street. Continue reading