The Media Is Misleading The Bahamian People By Repeatedly Reporting Lies & Misinformation About BTC, The Gov’t & Cable And Wireless. Here Are The Facts:

FACTSOne of the biggest threats to the growth of the consciousness of the Bahamian people is the media houses in our country. Day after day, year after year, media houses get on television, radio and in print and push erroneous information, “stories” void of balance, research and investigation, and in more untenable instances they push propaganda, lies and reports driven by personal interests and/or relationships, be it financial or otherwise, with power players and persons of influence in our country.

Stories about BTC are one of the biggest examples of this. The media repeatedly reports on the government’s attempt to “buy back 2% of BTC” and has recently reported that according to the Prime Minister, the country cannot afford to buy that 2% at this time. Continue reading

Gov’t Refuses To Produce Expenditure & Revenue Details For The Mid-Year – So It Therefore Did Not Table An Actual Mid-Year Budget

OURMONEY1The government did not produce and table as it should have, the expenditure details or exact revenue figures for the Mid-Year Budget – the information that is the entire point of the process. This is what should have been the key focus of the Opposition and the breaking news for the media today – it instead sailed like Columbus over the heads of both. Continue reading

Did The Government Use Taxpayer Dollars On R-Kelly’s Concert In New Providence?

questionWill the government of The Bahamas confirm or deny whether it used taxpayer dollars to sponsor, support or in any way facilitate, R-Kelly’s concert held in Nassau? That is something the government of The Bahamas never does and never ought to do for anyone’s privately organised concert event. Was it done this time around? Continue reading

Suicide, Depression & Some Facts – ‘ACCORDING TO ME’ TRIBUNE COLUMN



You woke up this morning, not that you really wanted to. It’s another day, and already you’re exhausted without rolling over yet. Sure the sun is shining outside, but all you see is gray. Heartache and stress hit you as soon as you open your eyes. You don’t want to face another day, but you’ve got to pretend – people are depending on you and there is no way you can let them know how much you’re hurting inside. You can’t afford to break down in front of anyone – they will think you are weak or worse, crazy. Continue reading

(VIDEO) DPM Davis Tells Media A Bold-Faced Lie About The $15 Million Allocated For Urban Renewal

STOPTHELIESNow that Urban Renewal Commission Co-Chairs Cynthia Pratt and Algernon Allen have announced that there are no more privately donated funds left for Urban Renewal Centres throughout the country, the question was obviously raised as to why the centres now in the news needed to raise monies on their own for programmes there, when $15 million was allocated for Urban Renewal as per Prime Minister Christie’s Budget Communication back on May 30, 2012. (Video Below) Continue reading

Prime Minister: Stop Lying To The Bahamian People And Start Governing Them

Listen, if there is one thing many Bahamian people cannot stand is when you try to take them for a fool and you do it “dry-eye” and dead in their face.

Operatives of the PLP have the unmitigated gall, with PR help from the media, to try to make the country think they are now champions of the “right thing” on BTC, when this is the same group who formed the infamous shell company BlueWater that was being used to sell BTC to themselves on credit and without the foreknowledge of The Bahamian people? Continue reading

Do Me A Favor Please?

domeafvorCan someone please tell ZNS where they are in Haiti on our tax dollars? Because the reporter assigned appears to think she is at the Annual Caricom Heads of Government Meeting when she is not – she is at the Caricom Intersessional – they are two completely different meetings and ZNS has been reporting the wrong thing in its newscasts since she got there. Continue reading

50 Unanswered Questions – ‘ACCORDING TO ME’ TRIBUNE COLUMN

TRIBUNECOLUMNGRAPHICSince the start of the current administration’s term in office, a preponderance of unanswered questions continues to mount. And since newspaper columns can only be so long, I have chosen to pull from that mound 50 questions that need to be answered by the government:

1 -Is the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas currently certified by physicians as being in good overall physiological and psychological health?

2- What is the outcome of the court case between Deputy Prime Minister Brave Davis and the Weisfisch brothers, and what were the allegations against Mr. Davis in that case? This was the case whose file Mr. Davis requested be sealed heading into the general election. The case progressed since then though, but the details have not been reported. Continue reading