Clueless Quote Of The Week – Halkitus on the Country’s Fiscal State

goldquestionmarkIn speaking to the media about how the government wants to try to bring down the deficit figure of $550 million (which is not the true deficit anyway, but the inflated number the government created to justify it borrowing a half-billion dollars on the backs of taxpayers), State Minister for Finance Michael Halkitus said:

“A part of our problem is that we give so much concessions, not only to the hotels, but duty-free concessions and other concessions.” Continue reading

Human Chain To Shut Out Bahamians, Again – Wyndham Workers Treated Like Criminals Outside PM’s Office

NOACCESSI hope The Bahamas realises what happened today with the over 100 workers fired from the Wyndham Resort. BAHAMIANS now thrust onto the unemployment line walked to THEIR Office of the Prime Minister, and what did the Prime Minister do? Order that the police stop them from being able to access the office, and officers consequently formed a human chain to keep Bahamians from coming to see the man they put in office. Continue reading

Crime: We Love It, So We’re Letting it Kill Us – ‘ACCORDING TO ME’ TRIBUNE COLUMN

TRIBUNECOLUMNGRAPHICI begin with this truth – we as Bahamians say we want crime to decrease, but what we really mean is we only want certain crimes to decrease, while at the same wanting to be otherwise free to ignore the rule of law whenever doing so provides us personal benefit or pleasure. Continue reading

Princess Margaret Hospital Is Suffering Due To Minister Of Health’s Gross Negligence

HealthcareBack in July of last year, Minister of Health Dr. Perry Gomez instructed the immediate termination of Chief Hospital Administrator (CHA) of the Princess Margaret Hospital Coralie Adderley. She was fired without cause (unless you consider victimisation a cause) and was one of only two regionally accredited persons in her field in all of The Bahamas’ Public Hospitals Authority.

THAT WAS SIX MONTHS AGO. Continue reading

Either We Crush Crime, Or Crime Will Crush Us: Government-Sanctioned Lawlessness Must Cease

fistIt is not possible for The Bahamas to tackle and beat the scourge of crime if crime in any form is being purported and indeed exalted as untouchable. Either we are going to crush crime, or crime is going to crush us. Lawlessness breeds lawlessness.

Any government Minister who is telling the Bahamian people that the courts have ordered the government and the police not to enforce the law with respect to illegal activity is willfully being untruthful to the nation. No court will ever order that a crime not be handled as a crime, and that crime can no longer be fought and prosecuted. Continue reading

Churches And The Government

I watched Anglican Bishop Laish Boyd tell the Constitutional Commission that sexual orientation should be protected under the Constitution (i.e, a person being gay, bi-sexual, transsexual or lesbian) and that capital punishment should be removed from the Constitution. Notwithstanding the fact that what he should have said is that capital punishment should be removed from the Penal Code, not the Constitution, the larger concern I have is this: Continue reading


TRIBUNECOLUMNGRAPHICBahamians this week believe they have been both misled and ensnared by our Prime Minister. The question now is, what will we the people do about it?

What we watched unfold from the gaming poll and its results, to the Prime Minister’s subsequent decree, to the court action that followed aptly demonstrates two things.

Firstly, that Mr. Christie and his government, while usually being accused of incompetence, are supremely capable of orchestrating a teeming mirage to distract a people made thirsty by the desert of games, waste and lack of transparency that is their governance. Continue reading