A Huge Blow For Grand Bahama

grandbahamaYou may recall my raising this issue twice in the last several weeks – it was because I like many persons knew what was coming. The government of The Bahamas remained silent with the public for its 10 months in office, knowing it did not have a buyer for the Treasure Bay Casino whose owner was set to pull out – and now the only casino on Grand Bahama will close for at least 8 MONTHS. Continue reading

Minister Confirms That New Work Permit Policy Is A Political Move – And Nothing More

STOPLAYINGGAMESImmigration Minister Fred Mitchell – “The interesting thing about all the commentary about this change of policy is that people haven’t read it. I think they are just framing up their arguments on headlines they see in the newspaper and dashing off before considering rationally what their responses are to it.

“The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) was elected last year on the slogan ‘Bahamians first’, and the question is what part of that don’t these people understand? That would seem to be simple. The Government has to carry out its mandate.” – Tribune – Monday, March 25 Continue reading

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics – “ACCORDING TO ME” TRIBUNE COLUMN



“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics” – Leonard H. Courtney. Lord Courtney’s quote refers to the twisting of information including statistics for one’s advantage. Over the last few months, the Bahamian people have been dealt one of the most untenable forms of dishonesty and disrespect their government could spin – the consistent insistence that the country’s very serious crime problem is not as bad as we and they know it to be. Continue reading

Fire Danger On Grand Bahama – Are The Fire Trucks Operational?

GBfiresI raised this issue nine days ago, and I am now raising a new question that the Police Force needs to answer – are the fire trucks on Grand Bahama fully operational at this time? Just this week a fire at a two-storey complex in Freeport resulted in a man and young boy sustaining serious burns and injuries. The week before, a historical church was destroyed by a bush fire. Continue reading

Force and the Police Force – “ACCORDING TO ME” TRIBUNE COLUMN



The Royal Bahamas Police Force is in the spotlight following the recent police custody deaths of Jamie Smith and Aaron Rolle. Neither man died of natural causes. When it comes to discourse about police brutality and cover-ups, it is very easy to discuss the subject in terms of the usual generalisations and popular notions about policing and the Police Force. Continue reading

A Message To Parliamentarians, Senators, Politicians & Political Hopefuls

sundialThis is it. This is the moment. This is a turning point in this nation. All those who are silent and dormant on this issue of oil corruption disguised as a “new industry” for The Bahamas and indeed, are also silent and dormant on the state of the nation generally, are not worthy of The Bahamian people today, nor whenever the next election is held. And when I say silent, a press release or speech in this season does not count as “speaking out and action” when the future of a nation is at stake. Continue reading

A Very Serious Lie Now Confirmed – Gov’t Announces It Will Now Do What It Always Intended To Do – Permit Oil Drilling In Our Waters Without A Referendum

CRABINOILThe government said it would not permit exploratory oil drilling in our waters without a referendum. Now today, the government through its Environment Minister has announced that it will allow this drilling without the consent of the Bahamian people.

This is because the government never intended to ask the Bahamian people a thing before permitting oil drilling – it was a lie when they said it, and they said it because they felt it was what the Bahamian people would have wanted to hear at the time. Continue reading

Diary of a Hurt Bahamian – ‘ACCORDING TO ME’ TRIBUNE COLUMN



I struggled to decide on how to approach this week’s column. Writing for me comes very easily, but this week it was a challenge.

It was a challenge because this week, more so than others in recent months, the weight of the hurt I feel as a young Bahamian watching my country slide down the slopes it has been set upon is a bit much. In many ways, this train called The Bahamas has come to a screeching halt, with many passengers who were unable to brace for impact.

Continue reading