The 2013/2014 Budget Is To Be Tabled In May – That’s What Is Most Important Right Now

OURMONEYBahamas, while the government has once again created a major smokescreen and distraction ahead of a critical responsibility of theirs (the gaming bill smokescreen), Bahamians need to get focused because the 2013/2014 fiscal budget to be introduced in May will be the one against which our second downgrade by Wall Street will occur. Continue reading

Confirmed – Gaming Bill Is A Charade

JokerCardWhen asked about the Gaming Bill leaked to the media that the taxpayers have paid a reported half-million dollars-plus to have drafted, Prime Minister Christie said: “What y’all wanna talk to me about? The online gaming? The government of the Bahamas has not even considered yet what y’all are talking about,” he said. Continue reading

This Is A Set Up – The New Gaming Bill’s Actual Controversy Is Not In Its Hotel Casino Section


Gaming Bill 2013 – Click Here to Read

Okay. Something is off about this Gaming Bill to be tabled by the government and it is giving rise to the key questions – who is orchestrating what is now taking place and why. The proposed Bill goes well beyond online casino gambling for hotels – it will lift the restriction on gambling in The Bahamas for permanent residents and work permit holders – that is a brand new and historic change to gaming laws in The Bahamas. Continue reading

Forget 2017 – The Time Is Now – “ACCORDING TO ME” TRIBUNE COLUMN



This week was a particularly frustrating one for me. It is a very difficult thing to watch the government of the day conduct itself in a way that brings threat to our economy and livelihood, and shame to our name throughout the world. It is even more difficult to watch far too many of us sit in fear and indifference as this goes on, too scared or disinterested to stand up for ourselves and our country. Continue reading

This Is What Happens When A Government Refuses To Govern

FAILIt is apparent that since the new Gaming Bill that is about to be tabled in Parliament was being drafted at the same time the gaming “referendum” campaign was being held, the Prime Minister and his government were convinced the people would vote yes, and thus he would be able to don the white hat and usher in gaming for Bahamians as well as enhanced gaming options for our hotel casinos “on the people’s expressed will”. Continue reading

Bahamians: Plan For Your Old Age, Save More And Spend Less

OURMONEYWe live life for today and don’t think about tomorrow like we ought to. We spend money like there is no tomorrow – but there is a tomorrow, and for far too many of us when that tomorrow comes, we find ourselves still having to depend on people to make it, after we have worked our whole lives taking home a salary that we spend before we even see it. Continue reading

Politics, Race and Work Permits – “ACCORDING TO ME” TRIBUNE COLUMN



It is about time the government of the day is called out about the shameless and dangerous charade it is playing with the Bahamian people and economy regarding expatriates, work permits and the role of foreign labour in our country. Continue reading

I Feel Sorry For Our Good, Upstanding Police Officers

realtalkCommissioner Greenslade, I mean you no disrespect sir, but as a free Bahamian I have to say that I feel sorry for those who are the good and upstanding officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, because of the way the Force is being permitted to be puppetted at this stage by the powers that be. Continue reading