Bahamas, For God Sake Please Wake Up And Rise Up

NOSILENCEThe government of The Bahamas this morning instructed the Police Force to stop Bahamians – in this case COB students – from entering their parliament, the people’s parliament. Under no circumstances should any unarmed, non-combatant Bahamian be denied entry to his or her Parliament. It ought never happen in a democracy. Continue reading

The Silliness & Dumbing-Down Continues: Two Observations

thinkb4uspeakOBSERVATION NUMBER 1 – One of the national dailies today has the headline “Crackdown on Foreign Labor”, referring to a recent announcement made by the Labor Minister on work permits. No particular offense to that daily, but there is a blindingly clear difference between foreign labour and illegal labour. You only crackdown on what is prohibited/against the law, not what is perfectly legal – and being employed in The Bahamas as a foreigner is completely legal. Continue reading

“Down” Is The Operative Word

downOf late, we have watched National Security Minister BJ Nottage repeatedly tell the public that no new action needs to be taken on crime because “crime is down”, and he repeats this political mantra now as though he is a scorched record.

At this stage though, if you actually pay attention to Dr. Nottage while he is speaking, you may be able to see that he is not just repeating this because it sounds good in his view. The Minister is on repeat now because he truly does not know what to say or do anymore. He is completely out of his depth and it is written all over his face. Continue reading

Prime Minister Christie – Address The Nation Now

numbersAfter the gaming opinion poll (fake referendum) was held, Prime Minister Perry Christie addressed the nation and claimed he wanted web shop gaming “shut down”. Since then, an injunction whose parameters were never truthfully and factually told to the Bahamian people by the media or the government, was granted. That injunction has been lifted today. Continue reading

When You Cannot Even Fix The Main Thoroughfare In Your Capitol City…

westbayThe portion of West Bay Street that was washed away/damaged by Hurricane Sandy 6 months ago is still in the exact same state it was in back then. Now an official has come along to say the reason is that “there is a process” because it will cost more than $50,000 (fifty thousand) to repair – that is supposedly why a main thoroughfare cannot be repaired in 6 months. Continue reading




We all know the words of our beloved national anthem penned by Timothy Gibson. But have you ever stopped to truly pay attention to those words? If you have, you may have noticed that those words hold a key to unlocking doors we have yet to open as a nation. That golden key is cut with four words: lift up your heads. Continue reading

Here Is The Reason For Major Seating Problems At Carifta

Carifta_2013The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture got its regular quota of 100 to 150 Carifta tickets from the event’s organizers. Reportedly not satisfied with this, Sports Minister Danny Johnson decided to have hundreds of VIP tickets printed without any authorization from the B.A.A.A. Continue reading

Transport Minister Has Less Than No Shame For Politicizing Tragic Mayaguana Deaths

No ShameMinister Glenys Hanna-Martin – if ever again, God forbid, Bahamians die in an aviation-related accident as was the tragic case this morning in Mayaguana, have the decency to wait at least 24 hours before issuing a political statement in connection with those deaths. Continue reading