New Budget Says Law Was Broken Last Year With State Ministers’ Salaries

OURMONEYA note to the country, media and Opposition: Remember last year in the 2012/2013 budget when the government got caught trying to give a $6,000 raise to their Ministers of State (bringing their new salary to $66,000), and when asked about it by the press (because they didn’t expect to be found out), they said it was just a “clerical error” that would be corrected in that budget? Continue reading

This Is Even Worse Than The Govt’s Poor Nassau Flood Response

downDo you know what is even more disturbing than the government’s incompetence in the Nassau floods? The fact that Bahamians do not seem to be rallying to help their own during this tragedy. I am seeing some Bahamians talk down to the persons affected, as though losing everything in a flood is no big deal. A flood is a flood. Continue reading

The PM Must Answer For Why NEMA Wasn’t Activated Ahead of Nassau’s Flood Storm

nassaufloodingThe Prime Minister is the Minister responsible for NEMA (the National Emergency Management Agency). Why wasn’t NEMA up, running and available to Nassau residents during Tuesday’s massive flooding? The Prime Minister was not truthful to the Parliament the following morning when he said all agencies were mobilized from that night. ZNS itself showed that NEMA was closed Tuesday night, and residents confirmed receiving no answer to repeated phone calls to NEMA. A natural disaster in progress in Nassau and the government was nowhere to be found. No shelters mobilized – nothing. Continue reading

HERE IS THE NIB REPORT – And The Nation Has Been Lied To

truthliesYou paid a hefty sum for it (amount still not declared), so here it is. And when you read the letters and report notes therein, you will see the nation was lied to. This report the government took your NIB money to have compiled is not an audit of the National Insurance Board as an organisation. The audit firm says they were specifically instructed by Minister Shane Gibson to only report on two things – Algernon Cargill himself and bonuses that happened under the FNM government. Continue reading

Our Children Are Dying While We Are Lying – “ACCORDING TO ME” TRIBUNE COLUMN



The worst crime levels in The Bahamas are not of murder, attempted murder or armed robbery. And the worst assault taking place in our communities is not at the hands of street thugs or gangsters.

The darkest, dirtiest aspects of Bahamian society – the aspects that get the least amount of public attention until the offense results in a death – are child molestation, incest and statutory rape (sex with minors). Continue reading

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NIB Report Leak – Thanks For No New Info, And No Info On How Much This Report Cost Taxpayers

FAILAs expected and previously known about before today, the NIB report the Bahamian people paid for was leaked to the government’s people in the media – no surprise and also no big deal at this point, since what has been reported thus far was already in the public domain well before the report was even commissioned. Continue reading