Education Is The Key To Equality – “ACCORDING TO ME” TRIBUNE COLUMN



It was promising to see some average, everyday Bahamians gather at Rawson Square this week to demonstrate about matters concerning them. In last week’s column, I spoke about the need for us to break out of the mindset of sitting and waiting for a general election to take an active role in our democracy. To the extent that right-minded Bahamians are starting to get that message and go beyond just talk to action, I am encouraged. Continue reading

(VIDEO) Busted – The Gaming Bill Game Isn’t Exactly Working Out As Planned Just Yet

STOPLAYINGGAMESFort Charlotte MP Andre Rollins said Wednesday that the government’s over half-million dollar Gaming Bill was in fact leaked to a reporter in the press, and confirmed that the public should not automatically expect that Bill to be the Bill that actually appears before the Parliament. DID I NOT SAY THIS? (Video Below) Continue reading