$18,000 Per Year Of Your Money – Does Your MP Operate A Functional Constituency Office?

OURMONEYThe Parliamentarians Constituency Office Allowance Act provides $18,000/yr ($1,500/month) to each MP to open and operate a Constituency Office. The Act says the money is to be spent on Rent, upkeep & maintenance; Salaries, bank charges & national insurance; Utilities; and Equipment and supplies for the office. The Act also says that if that money given to MPs is spent on anything other than the items I just listed, that MP “shall be liable” to pay the money back to the Treasurer. Continue reading

No Limits – You Can Make Your Mark In So Many Different Ways

BREAKCHAINSWho says you have to fall into a single category in life? My scholastic roots are in the sciences, I began working in the field of chemistry, then studied psychology and classical voice in college (yes, I’m Classically Trained in singing), came home and began a career in journalism, ended up in politics and government several years thereafter and now I’m a social blogger/activist. Continue reading

Here Is The Answer To Change In Our Political Parties…

WhoThePeopleYou and I have to change – that’s the answer. As long as we don’t change the mindsets we have that prevent growth in our personal lives and hence our society, our political Parties will not be forced to make the much-needed changes they all need to make. If we refuse to grow up – so will the Parties – since the Parties are really us anyway.


Potters Cay Vendors – Apparent Open Season On Bahamian Small Businesspersons

OURMONEYBusiness licence fees to the government should of course be paid by all business operators in the country, but the way what occurred Friday night with the surprise raid and closure of vendors at Potters Cay Dock is unfortunate, and there are two reports from this incident that I will highlight: Continue reading




With all the reports swirling about payola by political supporters, government compromise and the fallout over the same, it is a good time to make this a teachable moment for the average Bahamian about why the subject of government corruption matters to you and your family. Continue reading

Young Bahamians Still Awaiting Their Overdue Salaries From The Government

OURMONEYStudents employed with the government’s summer youth programme this year say they are continuing to await their late paychecks from the government. As their wait continues, an even longer wait has been taking place for those who were employed with the 52-week job programme under the previous government. Continue reading

Misusing National Symbols – “ACCORDING TO ME” TRIBUNE COLUMN



I’ve always believed that “national pride” without knowledge about and esteem for the codified symbols of one’s nationhood is not national pride at all, but simply an emotion of form over substance draped in national colors – colors that for us are too often the incorrect ones at that. Continue reading