July 1, 2014 VAT Implementation Date Should Be Pushed Back

VATINFOBahamas, recognize what is being done to you by your government through its current process of introducing and implementing Value Added Tax (VAT). The end of September has now become the third self-imposed deadline the government has failed to meet to release its VAT Bill and Regulations to the Bahamian people. Continue reading

Release The Health Reports So Parents And Teachers Know What They Are Being Faced With

DEMANDTRUTHThe government must release the unedited reports from the Department of Environmental Health on the Stephen Dillet & Uriah McPhee Primary schools. Parents need to demand to know this information, as it is your children being exposed to whatever organisms and industrial agents were and/or still are in the ventilation systems and atmosphere of both schools. Continue reading

So The Minister Says There Won’t Be Another Audit at NIB After All…

FAILI watched a news story where NIB Minister Shane Gibson said the audit of the NIB Prescription Drug Programme that he last month announced had been ordered, would no longer be done because the law calls for the matter to be handled another way and not via the audit that he announced. Continue reading

Newspaper Column Ends

A note to my readers to advise you that I have ended my weekly newspaper column. The work continues of course where it began via my marquee genres of Facebook – “According to Me” and my web blog The Real 242, and stay tuned for the upcoming expansion of “According to Me” to Video/YouTube. Thank you as always for your continued support and participation. Continue reading

GB Casino Workers Remain Uncertain About Their Future – Anticipated August Announcement By Gov’t Never Materialised

WhatsGoingOnBack on August 7, Tourism Minister and Grand Bahama MP Obie Wilchcombe told the media that he planned to make an announcement “within two to three weeks” about who the government had chosen to become the new operator of Freeport’s sole casino at the Grand Lucayan Resort. That time period would have put the anticipated announcement to happen by the end of August. This is now the middle of September and that announcement has yet to be made. Continue reading