Another Referendum – Another Rushed Agenda

ballotboxIt was hardly amusing to hear a media house recently report on Prime Minister’s Christie’s confirmation that he plans to hold a Constitutional referendum in November – less than two months from now. The news report said “but THIS time, it won’t be rushed…”. Won’t be rushed? Continue reading

Government Attempts To Influence Media Reporting


Will media representatives in Nassau confirm that they were recently called to a meeting by the highest Ministers of the Cabinet to speak to them about the news that they report, to advise the press of their displeasure with their news reports about the government, and to “encourage” them to begin to report “more positive news” about the government? Continue reading

VAT – What’s Up With That?



First the government said it would table its Bill & Regulations for Value Added Tax (VAT) before Parliament’s summer break. What happened? They failed to do it. Then they told the media they would release the same by the end of August. What happened? They failed to do it. Continue reading