Taxes, Protests, Backing Down & You

tax_burdenWhen the government sprung several surprise tax hikes on Bahamians and the business sector as of July 1 of this year, our tourism stakeholders in the aviation and pleasure-boating industries pushed back and called on the taxes to be rescinded, warning that the country’s two industries would suffer loss in business if the taxes remained. Continue reading

And The Prime Minister’s Boss Has Spoken…

How telling it was to read one of the national dailies carrying a report on Lyford Cay resident, expatriate Peter Nygard’s announcement about his reported plans for stem cell work in The Bahamas.

According to the report, the expat was commenting on the controversial Stem Cell law recently passed by Parliament. And regarding the drafting and passage of that legislation, he is quoted as saying of Bahamas Prime Minister Perry Christie: “The Prime Minister did what I asked him to do.” Continue reading

Jobless Rate Now The Highest In Nation’s Recent History

get-rid-of-depressionRECORD-BREAKING UNEMPLOYMENT: This year’s unemployment rate of 16.2% is the highest in The Bahamas’ recent recorded history of the national comprehensive figures collected in May of each year. In 1992 the annual national figure was closest to this at 14.8%. Last year the national figure was 14.7%. The jobless rate leap from 14.7% last year to 16.2% this year is serious and staggering. The Department of Statistics says close to 32,000 workers in The Bahamas are currently jobless. Continue reading

Let’s Bring More Attention To The Family Islands

Our Family Islands often take a back-seat to Nassau in terms of national attention on every day issues. Are you a Family Island resident who wants the country to be aware of the needs and critical issues on your island? Email your factual & accurate Family Islands stories or concerns to me at
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Celebrate 242 Youth

ATTN: ALL READERS – There is always such bad news reported and shown about our young people in the country, that the good they do rarely gets celebrated or recognized publicly. Well, I want to help to change that. So, I am going to start a new section on my website TheReal242 designed to celebrate the accomplishments of our youth.

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Our Police Officers & The Real Problems They Are Facing

handcuffsBahamas, recognise this please. Police officers, other uniformed branches and public officers are not supposed to speak out publicly against the government of the day or get involved in public political debates or activities. In fact, the law prohibits them from doing so. So, just because you don’t hear them go to the media and speak doesn’t mean they are not going through certain major challenges – they just are not allowed to say so openly. Continue reading

Another Money Matter Involving The Gov’t – This Time With Government House & The FNM’s New Senator

OURMONEYWhen Senators are appointed, the government conducts a ceremony at Government House where the Governor General issues the new Senator his/her Instrument of Appointment. This ceremony is a national event, not a political one, and is therefore paid for by the government. Continue reading