Be Honest About The Real Reason For The VAT Push

VATINFOGo online and read for yourself Bahamas – VAT has not “fixed” a single economy in the way the IMF is instructing our government to tell us it will. 15% (full fledged) VAT is NOT the only option The Bahamas can take to address its financial position – it’s the one the IMF is insisting that we take and the government should once and for all be honest about this. Continue reading

Put Dese ‘Lil Bahamians In Check

SUBMITSo, once again, the Prime Minister says he wants some foreigners to come and talk to us about VAT. Here is the inherent insult in this – to believe if foreign faces talk to us, then suddenly we will all fall in line and submit because we are not sensible enough to understand these matters on our own and we need people “with sense” to talk us down. This is how Mr. Christie factually and truthfully sees Bahamians. Continue reading

You Are Weakening Yourselves Without Realizing It

WAKEUPTake off your political blinders and/or your hurt over the General Election for a moment and understand the following: many Bahamians probably don’t realize this, but this constant chant that “Bahamians asked for this” in terms of all that the government is doing now, is actually dis-empowering Bahamians instead of empowering them. Continue reading

The Legal Minds Of The Bahamas

balanceThe Bahamas has a significant number of lawyers. What an asset to the country and to democracy it would be if more of the trained and skilled legal minds of this country take a stand, raise the alarm and initiate cooperative pushes to protect the Rule of Law when they see regulatory actions, legislative initiatives or proposed legislation they know violate the laws of The Bahamas and/or our Supreme Law – The Constitution. Every lawyer cannot get the top-dollar or big-named client, but every lawyer can play a role in protecting and strengthening their democracy. Continue reading

OUR MONEY – Customs Tariffs and VAT

OURMONEYWhen Customs currently applies its 1% processing fee to the total value of imports, is that inclusive of your imported items that are designated as duty-free? If that is so, it means the government did more than just create a new fee at Customs that came into effect on July 1 – it means the government would have in essential effect stripped all duty-free items (foods, medications, baby items, computers, etc) of their duty-free status because it is imposing a tariff on the value of items that are not supposed to attract a tariff at Customs. Continue reading