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For Those Who Were Asking For Numbers On The BTC Matter – CWC Holds Over 20,000 More Shares Than The Government

FACTSCWC bought 129,878,640 (51%) shares in BTC in 2011. The government held 124,765,360 (49%) shares. The dividends for the BTC Foundation Fund will be based on 5,093,200 (under 2%) of CWC’s total shares, which it still controls and has simply placed in the Fund. On share figures alone, CWC (outside the Fund) now holds 124,785,440 shares and the government still holds its 124,765,360 shares it always held. This means CWC (outside the Fund) holds 20,080 more shares than the government. The 20,080 share majority is what CWC in its press release on the new Fund referred to as their having a “marginally larger number of shares” than the government. Continue reading

(VIDEO) NOTHING: That’s What The Gov’t Truly Got With BTC

Lies dem ‘a tell, but their lies fell flat this time. Now that this nearly two-year long charade is done, the government’s “nothing” press conference announcement is over, and nothing has changed with the control or management of BTC and its shares – can the gov’t focus on the pressing problems the country actually does care about, like crime, jobs, the economy & VAT?

Compromise & Corruption In The Bahamian Media

FourthEstateThe media houses and reporters (they know who they are) who have willfully partnered with the government and others to deceive the public about this BTC matter and other national matters ought to be worse than ashamed of themselves, and are worthy of the same scorn and disdain due to the politicians who are helping to run this country into the ground. Politicians are not the only ones making secret deals, reporters and media houses are doing it too, and this is one of the key reasons our democracy and citizenry are not as strong as they could be – compromised journalists. Continue reading

See Why It’s Always Important To Think For Yourself & Not Let Politicians Play You?

realtalkSo, Prime Minister Christie told the Bahamas Business Outlook this week that his government will start a major capital works (infrastructure) program to jump-start the economy and create jobs. This is the same Party who told the country while in Opposition that Bahamians “can’t eat buildings and roads”. Now it is telling the world it will construct buildings, roads, etc to boost the economy. Continue reading

The Prime Minister Threatens Bahamians Over VAT

NOSILENCESo now the Prime Minister is hurling threats against Bahamians over our right to free speech on our own money & tax dollars. “Why fight the Public Treasury” in our protests and concerns about VAT, he dares to ask. Say what Mr. Christie? The Public Treasury belongs to the public, not the Prime Minister. Continue reading

More Foolishness On VAT

VATINFOWhy does The Bahamas government need to pay our tax dollars to American analysts to do a report on VAT, when even the United States does not want to implement VAT, though the IMF says it should? Just more of our tax dollars to be wasted on a decision that has already been made by our government to implement VAT, and thus tax more of us into poverty and harder times as of July 1. Continue reading

Random Urban Renewal Workers Coming To Your House Seeking Personal Information – Know Your Rights

YOURRIGHTSWhat lawful authority does a random urban renewal employee have to approach the household of anyone in The Bahamas seeking personal information about that household? None. This is one of the things I’ve warned you about Bahamas – the government playing on fears to implement plans that violate your rights as a Bahamian. Continue reading

Watch Out For The Power Play Games In 2014

DECEPTIONAs this is the year when persons in and in contact with our political parties will be making certain key moves to try to position themselves positively in our eyesight, as well as risking destabilizing us to destabilize the seats of power they have their eyes set on – watch out for these key games in 2014: Continue reading