Mortgage Relief – The Deeper Issues

FORECLOSUREAs debate continues and unanswered questions remain about the Prime Minister’s actions to save his highly paid friend’s home from repossession, there are deeper issues to the debate on failed “mortgage relief” promises that are not being discussed. Instead of the government deceiving Bahamians on the campaign trail about what it would do to stop struggling mortgage-holders from losing their homes, what should have been looked into is how the government, in true and actual consultation with the financial services sector, could introduce legislation and/or adopt policies that may help to provide some protections for Bahamians in the mortgage process. Continue reading

It Just Doesn’t Stop Getting Stupider With This Government

SayWhatSo now the government wants to spend our tax money on a beggar’s errand with Caricom trying to ask Europe in a lawsuit to give Caribbean countries money to repay us for the slave trade of hundreds of years ago, while Caribbean governments including our own are more than happy to become and be black masters over citizens and have the citizenry foot the monetary, psychological & cultural bill for their own enslavement. Continue reading

When Talking Too Much Causes More Questions Than Answers – PM Christie/Lightbourne/Gray/Gomez

notrustI see that one of the media houses spoke to State Minister Damian Gomez with the two questions I raised yesterday on the PM Christie/Ishmael Lightbourne matter. Problem is, Gomez’s answers to the media actually raised more questions. He said the payment of Lightbourne’s mortgage arrears was agreed to via salary assignment by his bank. So, are we to believe then that Lightbourne was always able to pay his arrears in that way but didn’t? Otherwise, why would the Prime Minister need to get involved for a salary assignment to be arranged, when a salary assignment is a normal means of paying one’s mortgage and would have been one of the means the bank would have used to get its money in the first instance anyway before it had to get to the point of court proceedings to repossess Lightbourne’s home? Continue reading

There Are Two Key Questions About The Prime Minister/Ishmael Lightbourne Matter That Haven’t Been Asked & Answered

freedomofinfoWhen media reports began about Prime Minister Christie’s intervention to stop VAT spokesman Ishmael Lightbourne’s house from being repossessed, nobody answered the question of how his intervention to Lightbourne’s bank stopped the home from being taken. Repossession happens because money is owed that hasn’t been paid and this matter had already become a court matter. So,┬áMr. Christie’s word via a phone call alone is not likely to have caused a bank to stop its efforts to get what is owed to it. Did the Prime Minister arrange for Lightbourne’s mortgage arrears to be paid and if so where did the money come from? Did Mr. Christie have the public treasury pay the outstanding arrears? If he in fact asked the bank “what can I do to help”, the answer would almost certainly have been “the money needs to be paid.” Continue reading

“Taking Care” Of Their Own – When Nation Building Takes A Backseat To Political Patronage

WRONGWAYWhen the Prime Minister revealed in Parliament that he abused his office by interfering with a private banking institution’s processes so as to stop his friend and VAT spokesman Ishmael Lightbourne’s home from being repossessed, I heard a number of responses, a lot of which being “well say what you want about the PLP, but they does take care of their own.” And this is exactly the kind of thinking that has the country where it is in many respects. Continue reading

The Trashing of The Vote In a Democracy

Mark every politician who has publicly stated that a democratic vote taken in this country should be thwarted. All politicians who after the gaming vote told the nation that the government should ignore the will of the people and instead, make good on its promise to racketeers are not democrats and are enemies of our democracy. We have had politicians from the PLP, FNM and DNA all declare that the will of the people should be thwarted. Mark these men – for they are not who they pretend to be, and everything that they say they are not.


Bahamians Need To Understand What The Govt Is Setting Us Up For With Its Reckless Handling Of Our Economy

Warning-wake-up-signI don’t know who wrote the part of the Prime Minister’s “Mid-Year Budget” Debate contribution where he claimed that he may not implement a VAT at 15% and doesn’t know when VAT will begin – but there is something critical about this that The Bahamas must understand. While this “sounds” like this is somewhat of a position the government should have taken from the beginning – it instead and nonetheless promised the IMF and US ratings agencies that it would implement 15% VAT by July 1, with the IMF in its 2014 Annual Report on The Bahamas calling the 15% VAT “the cornerstone of our government’s fiscal consolidation plan”. Continue reading

Alleged Fraudulent Issuance & Sale Of Bahamian Entry Visas To Haitian Nationals Under Investigation

VISASWill the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Royal Bahamas Police Force confirm and advise The Bahamian people of the following:

1 – That the alleged fraudulent issuance and sale of Bahamian entry visas to Haitian nationals through The Bahamas Embassy in Haiti was turned over to the Royal Bahamas Police Force by the Ministry for investigation, with a forensic Ministry audit conducted several weeks ago on the matter, and with Police Force departments including the Central Detective Unit (CDU) being in possession of the files from that audit as part of their investigations. Continue reading

The Other Game Behind Getting The Numbers Bosses Straight

numbersThe fact that the computer servers of the numbers bosses’ gaming operations are not located in The Bahamas, shows exactly who is going to get played when the government tries to enact certain laws and “regulations” regarding gaming via those servers. The ‘wash dirty money clean’ Numbers Bill the government may table is going to be a win-win for who always wins in gambling – the house. The nation won’t benefit as it may have with a national lottery, and the substantive benefactors will be numbers bosses who theoretically, would not have to hide their excess cash in stash houses anymore – among other things. Continue reading

The Gov’t & Numbers Bosses – Corruption & Corrupted Democracy

BAHAMASMONEYI’ve written extensively on this subject over the past 19 months and as such, will simply reiterate the following – that the government’s announcement through Minister Obie Wilchombe about getting some of the country’s numbers bosses straight was always their plan, and every time a government Minister told the public otherwise, it was a lie. Numbers houses are not being legalized for the benefit of the Bahamian people – it is being done to legitimize the stashed and planned money of individuals for them to do what they see fit with it. If this matter were about the rights and interests of the Bahamian people, Bahamians would have been given the right to gamble in casinos and a national lottery would have been a preferred method of generating income for the public treasury. The government never planned to do a national lottery if Bahamians had voted yes – it lied to the Bahamian people about that. Continue reading