My Email To Senior Police Force Official On Recent Police Custody Death


The Withholding of Information on Recent Police Custody Death
Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 12:34 PM

Good afternoon,

I write regarding the Police Force’s decision to withhold basic information from the public on the circumstances surrounding the recent death of a person in police custody. The law does not prohibit the Police Force from giving this information to the public due to a pending Coroner’s Inquest. All deaths in the custody of the State or at the hands of an Officer of the State must go before the Coroner. Notwithstanding this legal requirement, the Police Force has provided basic information on previous in-custody deaths, and has also provided information on recent and past police-involved killings in the field, including information on what the Force claimed were the circumstances that allegedly led to an officer killing someone in the line of duty. Why is this matter being treated differently? Continue reading

You Don’t Have To Be A Politician Or Have A Big Name To Make A Big Difference – Two Year Anniversary Of “According To Me Sharon T”


“According to Me Sharon T” turns two years old today. Can’t believe two years have flown by already from the wee hours of a morning in September when I decided to start this journey with you and be part of the difference I wanted to see. Continue reading

Prime Minister Makes Stunning Indictment Of Police In What He Says Was A Police-Involved Killing In His Constituency

INVESTIGATEAt a funeral service this past weekend, the Prime Minister reportedly said the following, as printed by the Tribune today:

“The last time I was in this church, it was for an equally tragic occasion,” Mr Christie told the congregation at the Voice of Deliverance Ministries. “I was here with a constituent’s mother who was burying her son and whose son had written her a letter indicating his concern that because the life he led exposed him to so many different challenges that he was not sure how long he would live. “The letter was printed in the funeral programme. Police were investigating a robbery. They found him in my constituency, mistakenly thought what he had in his hand was a gun and shot him and killed him…” Continue reading

What’s Going On With These Matters? A Matter No Longer Making Headlines Doesn’t Mean The Matter Is No Longer Important

WhatsGoingOn#1 – Fuel surcharge on oil makes up the majority of our electricity bills each month. If oil is still going to be used by BEC for power after privatization, and there will be no company competition or alternative energy sources, a foreigner coming in to own, manage or operate BEC does not automatically mean our power bills will magically become cheaper. The government repeatedly refuses to reveal any details about its plans for BEC, including details on this critical issue of how foreign involvement will benefit Bahamians, the economy & the environment. Continue reading