You Want To Know Where We Are Headed? Look At Our Priorities

WAKEUPStart a topic about our favorite politician, the latest gossip or material things, and we can go on and on and never get tired. Start a topic about education and personal responsibility, and we consider such topics to be boring.

Call a political rally, and Bahamians by the thousands grab the color of their choice and head out to party with their Party. Call a community awareness event – who shows up? Call a parent-teacher conference at schools – how many parents attend? Continue reading

What Is The Status Of Determining The Identity Of The Man Who Died In Police Custody Over Two Weeks Ago?

WhatsGoingOnOn Saturday, September 27, a man reportedly died while in police custody at the Wulff Road Police Station. After initially refusing to do so, the Commissioner of Police spoke for the first time on the matter five days later (October 2), saying the Force did not yet have or know the man’s identity, and that the Force would need to get permission to “clean up his face” so that a picture of him could be taken and issued in the hopes that someone who knows him may come forward and identify him. It is now October 13 – eleven days since the Commissioner said that photo would be issued, and over two weeks since the man died in police custody. Since the Commissioner says the Force has no idea who the man is, we can assume the man had no criminal record or was not known to Police. Why has the man’s photo not yet been released to the public in furtherance of determining his identity? Continue reading

MONEY ALERT: Did You Catch This With The $16 Million The Gov’t Claims It Needs To Borrow For The College Of The Bahamas?

OURMONEYToday (Monday), the government announced that it needs to borrow $16 million above the expenditure just approved in June for the 2014/2015 Budget, to upgrade COB. Two issues. Issue #1– if the government was interested in upgrading COB by millions, why did it cut $6.7 million in Recurrent Expenditure from COB’s annual Budget over the last two budget years? When did the government suddenly remember that COB was on a path to becoming a University, having taken close to $7 million in two years away from COB, causing student tuition and fees to increase, among other challenges? Issue #2 – In this year’s Budget under Capital Expenditure (expenses for buildings, projects, etc), $4 million in a brand new allocation is earmarked for COB reform (Head 38). Now. If $4 million in new funds is already allocated for COB reform under Capital Expenditure – why is another $16 million being borrowed for COB reform? The government is already borrowing $343 million this budget year. Why can’t the $16 million the government suddenly remembers it needs for COB be taken from that huge sum of borrowing already approved by Parliament in June? Continue reading

You Want Things To Change And Get Better? Unlearn Wrongdoing

WAKEUPWhether Bahamians will ever come together and make a bold statement about their country outside of a General Election remains to be seen. Until such time though, I see a lot of Bahamians saying we need a change, as if we do not understand that we are the reason that we are in the state we are in, in many instances. We are calling on “leaders” to “stand up” as though we do not see that one person alone did not bring us to this point, and one person alone will not save us either. You want things to change and get better? Unlearn wrongdoing. Continue reading