Bahamas – Make Sure You Know Who Should Be Charging You VAT And Who Should Not As Of January 1

VATINFOThe government is required by law (the VAT Act) to generate and publish a list of all businesses that have registered for VAT, and this list by law must be kept current and made readily accessible to the public at all times. This list lets you know which businesses should be charging VAT. When a business is registered, it is to charge you 7.5% VAT on all goods and relevant services which it must turn over to the government in full. If a business is not registered but it is charging you VAT, that means it would be collecting that extra tax money from you with no arrangement to turn that money over to the government (and it can then just pocket the money if it chooses to). IN OTHER WORDS, IF A BUSINESS IS NOT REGISTERED FOR VAT, IT SHOULD NOT BE CHARGING YOU VAT. Here is the link on the Government’s Official Website to the list of businesses that have registered thus far. Continue reading

With Corruption & Lawbreaking, Everybody Ultimately Pays

numbersHow do you know you are in The Bahamas? When a government Minister can tell the public that even though the new Gaming Act mandates the issuance of gaming licenses to legally conduct numbers house operations in The Bahamas, the government will permit numbers houses to conduct gaming without the gaming licenses required by law. So for everyone in this country right now who has a business license and you’re behind on your fees or you want to run a business but you don’t have a licence – the government should not come around your head or try to close down your business claiming you are in breach of the law, now that a Cabinet Minister has announced that you can operate a gaming house in this country without a gaming license. What’s good for the gaming houses should be good for all businesses. If they don’t need a license though the law says they do, then it should be open season for all businesses. Continue reading

This Isn’t Immigration Reform, This Is “Fix My Image” And “Mess With Your Head” Reform. Follow The Money

STOPLAYINGGAMESI did laugh when the government said this week that THE BUDGET FOR REPATRIATING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS IS ALMOST FINISHED ALREADY. Did some people think I was making up stories when I pointed out to the nation on Monday that the government CUT ITS 2014/2015 REPATRIATION BUDGET THIS YEAR BY ALMOST 60%? This year’s Repatriation Budget under the Department of Immigration (Recurrent Budget Head 30) was slashed by $700,000, taking it down to $500,000 from the $1.2 million that was budgeted last year. In the entire Immigration Department’s budget, repatriations took the single largest cut. And don’t let them tell you they cut the budget because money is tight – they INCREASED their recurrent budget allocations for OTHER THINGS this year by $49 million total. Why couldn’t some of that extra $49 million go to increasing the Repatriation and Detention Center budgets if this was TRULY a national reform plan by the government? Continue reading

VAT – Remember That?

VATINFOJANUARY 1 IS NOW ONLY WEEKS AWAY and the government, businesses nor the country are ready for VAT – but since the government is in preparatory pre-election-campaign mode (oh, yall didn’t know that hey?), I suppose we will see what happens especially since most businesses have yet to register for VAT. The government is curiously calm about such a thing given the fact that VAT is supposed to begin in weeks, wouldn’t you say? Businesses are the initial tax collectors of VAT. After they collect VAT from us on goods and services we purchase, they then are to turn the VAT money over to the government. If businesses don’t register to charge and collect VAT, the government has no VAT revenue to get – so the government should be in high gear getting businesses registered. That should be their biggest public campaign right now, but it’s not. Ask yourself why. Continue reading

This Immigration Charade Is Exactly That – A Political Charade Designed To Appease, Distract And Deceive

WAKEUP#1 – YOU WANT REAL EVIDENCE OF WHAT A CHARADE THIS IS? If the government planned to send droves of illegal migrants back home this year, WHY DID THEY CUT THE BUDGET FOR REPATRIATION THIS YEAR BY $700,000, DOWN TO $500,000 FROM THE $1.2 MILLION THAT WAS BUDGETED THE YEAR BEFORE? Think Bahamas, THINK! Repatriation costs MONEY. If this was your plan, the budget should have been INCREASED, not CUT by $700,000! That’s an over 58 PERCENT CUT in the repatriation budget this year. You supposedly planned this as a government so as to start to “fix” The Bahamas, yet you cut the budget to do so by over HALF, even though you increased recurrent expenditure in the budget for other things this year by $49 million? Continue reading

(VIDEO) Bahamas, Were You Not Warned Against Being So Easily Deceived?

(Video Date: January 2014)


As much as Bahamians are making noise about the current government, the government (with aid of the mainstream media) is doing a very good job of playing on your emotions, using your fears, your prejudices, your biases and your lack of knowledge and information to get you stirred up and distracted while they continue to plunder the country and Treasury, and while your standard of living continues to decline and you can barely afford meat and bread. Continue reading