Price Gouging Ahead of VAT

OURMONEYPRICE GOUGING is absolutely happening right now in our grocery stores. And I did not say stores are already increasing prices by 7.5%, which is the VAT rate. I said PRICE GOUGING, where the markup on some grocery items is as much as 40% in the last few weeks. I was at a store just now and a fresh fruit item (which is duty-free and has been for years) and is usually priced around $7.00 is now on the shelf at almost TEN DOLLARS ($9.49 to be exact). An only 7.5% increase (VAT rate) would cause the price to go from $7.00 to $7.53. To go from $7.00 to $9.49 is A 35.5% INCREASE IN PRICE ON A DUTY FREE ITEM BEFORE VAT HAS EVEN BEEN ADDED. At another store, a pack of peas which has always been priced at around $5 is now around $7.50 – again, a 35.7% INCREASE in price. This is not VAT, this is PRICE GOUGING AHEAD OF VAT. Continue reading