If Our VAT Dollars Are Not Going To Be Used To Reduce Our Debt, We Need To Raise Hell

VATINFORemember the video below from January 2014? International agencies have already said that if the money the government is now getting from us for VAT is not going to be used to cut down the deficit, then VAT will not prevent The Bahamas’ credit from being downgraded. Prime Minister Christie announced at the beginning of 2015 that his government plans to take the VAT money and spend it on other things. This is not what the country was told about the reason we needed VAT. We were told we needed VAT to cut down our debt. Continue reading

Opposition Leader Asks FNM Senator Heather Hunt To Step Down. Why Did The Leader Of Opposition Choose To Do This?

twofaceToday, FNM Senator Heather Hunt issued the following statement: “Today I tendered my resignation as an F.N.M Senator to the President of the Senate. Mrs. Sharon Wilson. My resignation comes following the request of the Leader of the Free National Movement Dr. Hubert Minnis. Dr. Minnis is moving to implement a plan announced at the appointment of F.N.M Senators in 2012. At that time, he advised the public and his appointees that the appointments to the Senate would be for a period of two and a half years.” Continue reading

No Sexual Offense Is A Laughing Matter & That Includes Statutory Rape (Sex With A Minor)

wrongWe complain all the time that the government and the police need to “do something about crime”. But when we say that, there are only certain crimes we are really focusing on. Rape, and in particular statutory rape (sex with a minor) is a SERIOUS issue and one of the most under-reported and un-prosecuted crimes in this country. Sex with a minor is not a laughing matter. Minors engaging in sexual activity is not a laughing matter. In our society, when a minor is reported as missing and then is later found in the company of an adult male, we brush it off saying “these lil gals too wild.” What we are not focusing on though, is that whether that minor child was with that adult willingly or not, MINORS CANNOT LEGALLY CONSENT TO SEX. SEX WITH A MINOR IS RAPE. Continue reading

A Key Reason Many Bahamians Are What We Call “Passive”

WAKEUPPeople ask why Bahamians are so passive. There are numerous reasons – key among them is that many Bahamians today leave school not being able to read, write or calculate beyond a middle school grade level, and both reading and listening comprehension skills of many graduates are far below their grade level. Critical thinking is also not a fundamental facet of our national curriculum. If the tools of those who govern far outstretch those of the governed – what we see today and have seen for years is what one should expect to see. This must change or we cannot truly advance.

No education = no liberation.
No comprehension brings apprehension. Continue reading

VAT Inclusive Pricing: A Bad Move For All, Especially Consumers

Consumer Action BahamasThe decision by government to require businesses in law to display VAT through “VAT Inclusive Pricing” is turning out at this stage to cause the following significant problems:

#1 – Widespread confusion, because consumers are not certain of what is supposed to happen at Point of Sale (the register) based on the sticker price on the item.

#2 – THE POTENTIAL FOR BEING CHARGED VAT TWICE. Depending on how a business’ Point of Sale system is set up, if the register rings out an item using the price on the VAT Inclusive sticker AS IS without stripping the VAT out, and the system is set up to charge 7.5% on whatever comes up as the subtotal – consumers will end up being charged VAT twice, because the sticker price is supposed to already have the 7.5% included, but the system would be charging VAT on that VAT Inclusive sticker price. Continue reading

Consumer Action Bahamas Group Launched on Facebook

Consumer Action BahamasThe Consumer Action Bahamas Group, “The People’s Page”, is an advocacy, educational and informational site. It is created to help one another navigate the new world of VAT pricing; to expose price gougers, rip-offs, VAT scams, VAT overpricing and VAT lawbreakers; to locate the best and safest bargains; to know and push for our rights as consumers; and to educate one another on existing VAT Legislation and Rules as well as on the best ways to cope and save money in the new world of VAT. Date launched: Saturday, January 3, 2015  at 3:00pm.