(PHOTOS) Jack Hayward Jr High School 7th Grade Girls Learn Their Purpose

(Photos Below). LEADER. SMART. PRECIOUS. SPECIAL. EXCELLENT. These are the labels the 7th Grade girls of Jack Hayward Junior High School want the world to know describe them. During my address to the students today, I gave the students a choice of two labels – one positive and one negative – and they were asked to pick which one they believe describes them and the one they want the world to see them as. Today’s address was part of a Seminar at the Junior High School under the theme: “I Have A Purpose”. I also dealt with what we post on Facebook, the power of music and the importance of loving and respecting yourself. A special shout out to all the girls – you were so awesome! And congratulations to the faculty and staff of Jack Hayward Junior High School for hosting such an important initiative for your students. VIDEO LINK – https://youtu.be/kWVRzrUs4dU Continue reading

National Video Project “Bahamas Speaks” – Bahamas, Let’s See And Hear Your Voice!

STANDUPBAHAMASCALLING ON BAHAMIANS OF ALL AGES FROM ALL ISLANDS, ESPECIALLY THE YOUTH. This is a video project we are going to make go viral so the country and world can hear first hand from YOU, what YOU want to see happen right now on your island or in the country at large. From your phone, tablet, computer or other video recording devices, record a short video clip that begins with the phrase: “what i want to see happen in The Bahamas or on my island right now is….” and then you tell us whatever you want the country to know about how you feel, what you need and what you want as Bahamians. You don’t have to be fancy if you don’t want to be – just be you.

EMAIL YOUR VIDEO CLIPS TO: according2mesharont@gmail.com Continue reading

Guess The Government Says The Joke’s On Us Eh?

GAMECALLEDPOLITICSWell well well. For a while now the government has performed a LYING song and dance for the country telling you that it got control back of BTC. But now that BTC will be letting staff go, suddenly the government doesn’t “control” BTC anymore. DPM Brave Davis politely told the country yesterday: “BTC is a private company” and that it’s not the government’s responsibility to make sure Bahamians there are treated properly. BAM! Last year the government sang the “we have captured the majority economic interest in BTC” song for the country. Now this year the government is saying “YINNA ON YA OWN, DAT EEN OUR COMPANY”!! Continue reading

We Love Comfort More Than We Want Change

WAKEUPThe following does not apply to all Bahamians, but it does to many of us. Many Bahamians love their personal comfort too much, and then on the flip side many are often only willing to speak out if they have something personal to gain from it or because it is a political move of some kind. Otherwise, they could not care less and see no virtue in doing what is necessary unless they can get praise, recognition, money or power out of it. Our collective selfishness is a big part of our collective undoing as a people. As the saying goes, you can be comfortable or you can be courageous, but you cannot be both. Bahamians know next to nothing of REAL persecution for expressing their beliefs. What is victimization in The Bahamas? Not getting a job or business opportunity you want. Not getting a government contract. Not getting invited to events. Not being permitted into the social or political clique. Not being permitted to advance on your job where advancement is well deserved. Not getting the perks others get. Continue reading

Bahamas, Pay Attention To What You Are Being Told About The Gov’t “Owning” 51% Of A New Cellular Company

WAKEUPBahamas. The reason Cable & Wireless was able to become and remain a 51% majority shareholder of BTC was that BTC as an existing government corporation was being privatized, meaning some of the existing corporation’s interests were being bought by a private entity. If the government claims it will own 51% of a new cellular company, then it does not stand to reason that the new company will be any of the current and established telecommunications companies bidding for entrance into the market. Remember, the new company coming in is not buying shares of an existing government-owned corporation. THEY ARE NOT COMING IN TO PARTNER WITH AN EXISTING GOVERNMENT-OWNED & OPERATING TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANY AS NO SUCH COMPANY EXISTS. Obviously the government is not going to become a 51% percent owner of somebody else’s private company. For example, let’s say Digicel comes in. Obviously the government will not buy out Digicel and hence become the majority shareholder of that private company. Same thing with Cable Bahamas. Let’s say they come in on the cellular end. Obviously the government is not going to buy out Cable Bahamas and become a majority owner of that private company. Same thing with Virgin Mobile. PAY ATTENTION. Continue reading

(VIDEO) The “Culture Of Women” Is Not To Think?

wrongPLEASE TURN OFF THE POLITICAL BLINDERS BEFORE READING THIS. Question. Since the Opposition’s new Senate pick Lanisha Rolle thinks this way about the “culture” of women (video below), then why didn’t she decline the appointment to the Senate and encourage a man to be appointed instead so as to protect the integrity of the Upper Chamber from a culture of irrationality that she claims women possess? Mrs. Rolle was responding to reported opposition to her appointment by some female members of her party. Her party’s politics do not concern me. What concerns me is this – no representative, male or female, should be making public statements that play on or into stereotypes. Nothing personal against Mrs. Rolle, but the stereotype she put forward here is part of the very heart of the types of stereotypes about a woman’s ability to think and reason that are used to downplay the role and significance of females in society. The comment “women are emotional” generally connotes that women do not typically think or do not have the proclivity or primary tendency to be rational, logical human beings. No gender has the monopoly on emotions or passion. Men and women possess emotions and passion and men and women operate through emotions and passion. Continue reading

Students Of Deep Creek Middle School Learn That Their Voice Matters & They Can Make A Difference

OURNATIONSYOUTHI’ve just completed an interactive Skypecast with the 9th grade class of Deep Creek Middle School in Eleuthera on the subject of Language, Literature and Activism (video excerpt below). The Skypecast was a part of the School Without Walls program at Deep Creek Middle School. During this 7-week program, students have looked into subjects including what is activism, who is an activist, activism through art and music and activism within the community. This week, the discussion with me centered on activism through language and literature. A special thank you to Ms. Sophia Smith, English Teacher at Deep Creek Middle School for offering me the privilege of speaking to her students, and a special shout out to the awesome 9th grade class at Deep Creek for your participation and your openness to learn how you can make a difference in your life, community, country and world. Continue reading

Government Must Return Critical Staffing & Salary Documents To The 2015/2016 Fiscal Budget

OURMONEYLast year, I revealed to the country that in an unprecedented and historic move, the government stripped the Bahamian people’s annual fiscal budget of its standard staffing and salaries documents known as the Personal Emoluments section of the budget. The Personal Emoluments section of the budget details the staff count in each government department or Ministry, their salaries, what they are hired to do and promotions, re-classifications or transfers where applicable in the Public Service. The documents enable the Parliament and the public to track how many people are either being added to or taken out of government departments and Ministries, how much they are being paid and what they are being paid to do. Such documents are a critical transparency and accountability facet of both the budget process itself and the presentation of the budget. After I revealed this to the country, several Opposition members later followed suit on what I revealed and made mention of it during last year’s budget debate. The Prime Minister and Minister of Finance responded, saying the government would place the documents his government stripped from the budget on the government’s official website. THAT NEVER HAPPENED. Continue reading