Bahamians Need To Understand That Your MP Doesn’t Have The Right To Do Whatever He Or She Wants To In Order To Do You A Favor Or Give You What You Want

GROWUPBAHAMASIn this country, many of us believe that our MP is supposed to do any and everything for us to get us out of the situations in which we put or find ourselves. MPs, Cabinet Ministers and Senators know and/or are expected to know exactly what the legal and Constitutional limits are to their powers in office, and they are NEVER to overstep those limits for anyone, no matter who the person is. The average Bahamian on the other hand, often does not know (or care) about these limits, and believes that once their MP is in office, their word alone is law, and they can justifiably do whatever they want to because they are in power. Continue reading

Domestic Violence In The Bahamas – Our Mindsets & Approaches Must Change

IT IS PAST TIME that we change our attitudes, mindsets, legislation and law enforcement methodologies with respect to domestic violence in The Bahamas. A marriage license is not a license to physically and/or sexually abuse a spouse, and the dialog about abuse in all forms of relationships needs to be radically shifted to provide education, support for victims, and to help crush this legacy of secrecy, denial and excuse-making about abuse that we nurture in The Bahamas. We also need to stop this heinous practice of protecting perpetrators in this country because of their status and/or political connections. Some of the vilest physical and sexual abusers of both adults and of children in this country are people “with a name” or with the right hook up – and they are never brought to justice because of who they are. Continue reading