Gun Laws – Our Elected Officials Are Not Serious

handgunThis weekend has been one of the bloodiest on record with murders and other shootings. Most of the murders, attempted murders, armed robberies and other violent crimes in this country happen using a gun. Guns are flooding our streets. Bahamians are crying out for stiffer gun laws. When the current government came to office, they abolished the mandatory minimum sentences they met in place for gun and some drug offences. By doing this, persons convicted of gun crimes may never see a prison cell as their penalty. The mandatory minimum sentence was 4 years, meaning once you got convicted of the gun offence, you would automatically have to serve at least 4 years prison time. As soon as the Minister of National Security was sworn in, he told the media he went to visit CONVICTED CRIMINALS at Fox Hill, and said the convicts complained about their jail time being too long. He said HE AGREED WITH THE CONVICTS, and that his government would “review” the penalties on the books. AND THEY SURE DID REVIEW THEM – THEY KEPT THEIR PROMISE TO CRIMINALS AND MADE LIFE EASIER FOR THEM BY LESSENING THE PENALTY FOR THEIR CRIMES. Continue reading

I’m Watching & Paying Attention, But So Far What I See Is Very Discouraging – Change Needed ASAP

ballotboxAs a Bahamian and a voter, I pay INFORMED attention to what is happening in our country. And as a Bahamian, I’ve also been looking within myself and seeking God about additional things I need to do to contribute positively to my society; since depending on or looking to a politician for my personal progress has NEVER been what I’m about. That being said, the people we elect are critically important and every vote does matter. Honestly and regrettably though, the current political landscape has given me next to zero hope and less than zero inspiration. What I see the average Bahamian loving, accepting and praising with our politicians grieves my heart and frankly is sickening to me. I sincerely hope the landscape radically changes and positively evolves because I am worried about what will be left for any children I may bring into the world, as well as what is currently in place in this country for households such as mine – educated, law-abiding & hardworking Bahamian professionals who don’t guide our life by political colors or political personalities but rather by what’s best for the nation and society.

Medicine Shortages In The Bahamas

HealthcareSo, is the new way of life in The Bahamas having to live with consistent shortages of a wide range of medications? Not being able to afford medications is one problem. Drug safety is another major area of concern that does not appear to be monitored as it should be, and for quite some time now there is the consistent problem of medications almost never being available at medical facilities and at pharmacies. As I understand it, the powers that be know what the problems are and why they are taking place, but nothing is being done to correct the problems that run far deeper than just simple incompetence. This is a matter that has failed to capture the public attention it ought to capture, but Bahamians are facing this critical threat to their health daily. All this posturing politicians are doing in front of media cameras right now on their “me, me, me” grandstanding and self-worship crusades – who is actually doing or going to do what is necessary to address the deficiencies and corruption in our systems that directly impact and threaten our very LIFE & HEALTH? Continue reading

Now, The Attorney General & Government Need To Answer To The Bahamian People

gavelIn the Baha Mar Court case Friday, the Court struck down the Winding Up Petition filed by the AG in July, ruling that her petition did not comply with the law. The Judge also rejected her petition’s claim that winding up Baha Mar was in the public’s interest. Now, our Constitution says the AG is supposed to be acting in OUR interests. What answer does the Government of The Bahamas have for us after they have interfered in Baha Mar, added further threat and delay to the development, complicated the careers of thousands of Bahamians, threatened our economy, caused our credit to get downgraded – ALL WITH A PETITION THAT THE JUDGE SAYS DID NOT EVEN COMPLY WITH THE LAW OF THE BAHAMAS. The government MUST account to The Bahamian people for this.

So, About The Government’s Baha Mar Foolery & Failure…

FAILTHE SUPREME COURT TODAY THREW OUT THE GOVERNMENT’S WINDING UP PETITION FILED IN JULY, RULING THAT THE ATTORNEY GENERAL’S PETITION DID NOT COMPLY WITH BAHAMIAN LAW. SINCE THE SUPREME COURT DECIDED NOT TO WIND UP (LIQUIDATE) BAHA MAR TODAY, and instead decided to adjourn the matter until the first week of November to give the sides time to make certain decisions – I have a question. Can we expect that between now and the first week of November (PLP Convention week), the government will announce that it is satisfied, after a review by its provisional liquidators (WHO THE COURT BLOCKED FROM BEING ABLE TO REMOVE IZMIRLIAN OR LIQUIDATE THE ASSETS), that the developers of Baha Mar will be able to complete the project and get it open “for the good of all Bahamians”, and that liquidation won’t be necessary anymore – hence an attempt to politically erase the gross error of their ways in this matter? ‪#‎WeSeeYou‬ ‪#‎EpicFail‬

A Part Of The Credit Ratings Discussion That Politicians Are Missing

HOAIf our politicians on all sides understood the differences between some of the indicators Standard & Poors (S&P) and Moody’s use to make their credit rating and economic assessments, some of the comments they made on this issue this week would not have been made. And more importantly, if those differences and the ramifications thereof were understood, certain key decisions that have us at the point we are at today, would never have been made by our government in the first place. We need more depth and working knowledge among the powers that be in The Bahamas. Continue reading

Mr. Prime Minister…

FAILGetting mad at global credit ratings agencies is not going to change our downward spiral as a country. THE S&P and MOODY’S DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING CONVENTION AND HOW YOU NEED TO MAKE YOUR PARTY LOOK FOR AN UPCOMING ELECTION. Instead of trying to do what your Party is proving to be incapable of (which is proper governance), you decide to throw temper tantrums at the global players who with one stroke of a pen, can decide the fate of our country and bring this house of cards we knew as a “prosperous nation” crumbling down. Let’s face it Bahamas. As a non-producing, service-based economy, we have been living “the good life” compared to many countries in the Caribbean for a long time. But that “good life” as we know it is slipping away from us more and more everyday. And the people we elected have not given us a single REAL reason to intelligently believe they are able to reverse the huge damage they have caused, as well as the damage that has been building up over the years. Continue reading