Bahamas, What Do You REALLY Want?

GROWUPBAHAMASWE SAY we want information – but when we get it, we don’t act on it and expect someone else to act on it for us.

WE SAY we want people to take a stand – but when they do, we are not prepared or willing to get up, get out and stand with them.

WE SAY we want Bahamians to strive for excellence – but when they do, we turn around and hate them for it and try to block them at every turn.

WE SAY we want good leaders – but we spend our energies propping up useless, unethical personalities while tearing down those who can truly make a lasting, positive difference.

WE SAY we want a better tomorrow – but we are destroying the souls and minds of our young people and hence destroying our tomorrow.

WE SAY we want change – but we are not prepared to work for it or personally sacrifice anything to get it, hence we want change that costs us nothing. Continue reading

Crooked Island’s Devastation

GOVTRESPONSE_HURRICANEJOAQUINGoing on a month after Hurricane Joaquin’s devastation, at least 16 Bahamians are still living in the small clinic on Crooked Island because they are homeless with nowhere else to go. The Prime Minister, in his last address to Parliament, did not give a timeline for when the restoration of electricity there would begin, all he said was work should begin “soon”. As for all residents there who are now homeless, all he said was accommodations need to be found for them – but said nothing of what the government was doing about that obvious need. Almost 70% of the homes there are said to have been destroyed. A private citizen – and not the government – is repairing the government schools on the island, according to the Prime Minister’s Communication to Parliament. Continue reading

Stop The Charade With This Nation & Our Lives

ACCOUNTABILITY1 – The now unemployed workers of Baha Mar are eligible for temporary unemployment benefits through NIB. Has the government of The Bahamas made all NIB payments for staff during the period it disbursed salaries with the millions it already previously owed to Baha Mar but had refused to pay to Baha Mar?

2 – When Baha Mar filed for Chapter 11 Debtor in Possession Bankruptcy Protection, part of that filing involved the payment of monies to Baha Mar’s creditors. The government blocked that plan. So what is the way forward now for all those creditors?

3 – Bahamian taxpayers, including the affected workers, are paying for the government’s provisional liquidators in the Baha Mar matter – and as it turned out, Bahamians who are now out of job have been made to pay these persons to ultimately put them out of a job. How much of our tax dollars has the government spent so far on damaging our lives and our economy through their court actions? Continue reading

Bahamas Government’s Action Causes 2,000 People To Now Be Out Of A Job

Flag of The BahamasIt is with a very heavy heart that I write this article. Let me begin by expressing my deep sadness for all of the workers of Baha Mar, many of whom I have developed camaraderie with in the midst of this project’s upheaval.

Today, The Bahamas government’s provisional liquidators asked the Supreme Court to make Baha Mar’s 2,000 workers redundant and the Court approved the provisional liquidators’ request. Baha Mar did not terminate any workers. Baha Mar’s developers lost say in such a decision the day the Court gave the government what it sought from the Court – provisional liquidators over this private development. The provisional liquidators belong to the government’s court action, not Baha Mar. They only got into this because of the government’s court action against Baha Mar. The government asked for the provisional liquidators – the court gave it to them – and now the provisional liquidators have gotten the court’s permission to have all workers terminated as of Friday. Continue reading

National Disaster – At-Least 836 Homes Destroyed By Hurricane Joaquin

GOVTRESPONSE_HURRICANEJOAQUINThis is what the Prime Minister said in Parliament today. Eight hundred thirty-six homes is the figure the Prime Minister says has been given to him by the Department of Social Services. Bahamas – do you realize how many Bahamians in total, including children, each one of those homes potentially represent? That figure has yet to be given. And that figure can grow because assessments are still being done on Long Island.

The count given of number of homes destroyed (given in this exact order by the Prime Minister):
Acklins – 123
Crooked Island – 50
Rum Cay – 23
San Salvador – 227
Long Island – 413

Everyone who is sitting reading this with a roof over your head, stop and think about how many people no longer have what you currently have. At-least 836 homes gone.

Bahamians Of Long Island Shut Down In Parliament Today

HOASo today the Government, through the Speaker of the House, denied the Member of Parliament for Long Island the opportunity to make a Statement to Parliament on the status of the island post Hurricane Joaquin. All government MPs who wished to, have had their chance to speak in Parliament on this storm (though they have had yet to say anything of substance therein). WHEN AN MP IS DENIED THE OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK ON SUCH MATTERS, IT IS NOT SIMPLY THE MP WHO IS BEING SILENCED, IT IS EVERY SINGLE BAHAMIAN THAT MP REPRESENTS, whether you voted for that MP or not. An MP only has a voice because of the Bahamian people of their constituency. No MP can become an MP without you and me. AND THE PARLIAMENT BELONGS TO YOU AND ME. So, what happened today was that BAHAMIANS WERE TOLD NO IN THEIR OWN PARLIAMENT. Their condition was told no. Their plight was told no. Their needs were told no. Their voice was told no. Continue reading

No Honor, No Integrity & No Humanity – The Aftermath Of Hurricane Joaquin

GOVTRESPONSE_HURRICANEJOAQUINIn the aftermath of Joaquin’s devastation and the failed government response prior, during and after the storm, our elected officials are not only showing their lack of honor and integrity, but also a shameless lack of conscience. People and their children were forced to escape for their lives into their CEILINGS AND CARS FOR OVER A DAY because there were no shelters open for them to go to. Have you ever looked at the ceiling of where you live? Ever been up in there? Imagine spending at-least 20 hours in there terrified because if the water rises any higher, you and your children will drown right up in that ceiling. People were not able to safely protect life and property because by the time they knew what was going on, weather conditions made such attempts at precautions unsafe. If a structure’s windows and doors are properly secured before a hurricane, it can increase the chance of preventing roofs from being blown off the structures or being otherwise compromised. But with no appreciable advanced notice, how many would have had time or immediate ON-ISLAND resources to safely carry out such measures? Satellite phones that all island officials ought to have had were inoperable or officials did not know eachother’s numbers. People were unable to communicate with persons on their island or outside their island for as much as a week during and after the storm. People were forced to swim from settlement to settlement in a desperate quest for survival. No shelters available to go to. And those are just some of the horrors. We have not heard anywhere near the half of them all. I can personally attest WITH EVIDENCE to what I speak of regarding the communications failures as well as some of the harrowing rescue attempts being carried out during the height of Category 4 conditions in the Central & Southeast Bahamas of persons trapped or hunkered in homes that were crumbling and being ripped apart around and on top of them. Continue reading

The Responsibility Of Cabinet Ministers

GROWUPBAHAMASWhat too many of us as Bahamians do not understand about the responsibility of Cabinet Ministers in our Westminster System of government is this – it does not matter whether a Minister is aware or not of breaches that happen under his or her Portfolio. Once the matter happens, the Minister is duty bound by our system of government to accept responsibility and resign. The system is clear – IGNORANCE OF A FACT IS NO DEFENSE. The same exists with misleading Parliament. It does not matter whether a Minister meant to do it, planned to do it or knew he or she was doing it – once it has been done (meaning, once a Minister communicates something to Parliament that is proven to be untrue) he or she must accept full responsibility and resign. That is how heavy the weight of Ministerial Responsibility is in our system of government. That weight is there so that Ministers are weighted to do all that is lawfully necessary to ensure that the work of the people is done – else that Minister must take the fall above all. Continue reading

Storm Warnings For Hurricane Joaquin – So Now Some Are Acknowledging What Was Known & Published Fact From Day 1

FAILReaders know my documented articles and postings (primarily on Facebook Blog Page) on Hurricane Joaquin from the Tuesday night that the government decided to issue its first storm watch for the Central Bahamas. Readers also know the exact timeline I detailed for every single decision of government with respect to those watches and warnings from that late Tuesday night until the Saturday morning when all watches and warnings were discontinued – I need not repeat all of that documented work here in this post. Back then, a few people wanted to call those articles about our life and safety “being political” – as if a hurricane can vote. I will only repeat what I said back then – a formal inquiry into the government’s response to Hurricane Joaquin needs to be held, and the RIGHT PEOPLE, STARTING WITH THE CABINET OF THE BAHAMAS (because that is where the Constitutional responsibility begins) need to be held and made accountable for all that should and could have been done, but was not done for The Bahamian people in this natural disaster. Continue reading

Don’t Move Critical Focus From Our Hurricane Victims. We Need A Detailed Report On Recovery In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Joaquin

GOVTRESPONSE_HURRICANEJOAQUINTHOUSANDS of Bahamians’ lives have been damaged and forever changed by Hurricane Joaquin. In life, when stories no longer dominate the headlines, we tend to forget about the PEOPLE behind those headlines, and tend to think their struggle must not be that bad if they are no longer the most trending topic, but that’s not true. WE HAVE YET TO GET A DETAILED ASSESSMENT & RECOVERY REPORT FOR EVERY SINGLE ISLAND DEVASTATED BY JOAQUIN. HOW ARE EACH AND EVERY RESIDENT & FAMILY MAKING IT? WHAT ARE THEIR SPECIFIC NEEDS TO-DATE?