Value Added Tax (VAT) – Round 2

As we await the presentation of the 2017/2018 Budget, and as discussions on the cost of goods and services and the cost of doing business continue, here are several key questions we will be awaiting answers to:

1 – Is the government considering a repeal of the Value Added Tax Act provision that mandates VAT be charged on customs duties?

2 – When will we see further and substantial elimination of customs duties?

3 – What will be the specific considerations given to the current levy of business license fees?  Continue reading

To Have Time To Get A Firmer, More Comprehensive Grasp Of Our True Financial State Of Affairs…

We know and have seen that the country’s finances are in a mess. Constitutional and forensic audits are to be done, the results of which are not yet known. Assessing our true financial state would undoubtedly take time. The first Budget of the new administration will be critical for our country and for our standing with international ratings agencies. To put itself on the best foot forward in the most critical task of managing our finances going forward, formulating a Budget that comes closest to working in line with our true financial realities once all or sufficient facts are known is the ideal. Continue reading