Do Me A Favor Please?

domeafvorCan someone please tell ZNS where they are in Haiti on our tax dollars? Because the reporter assigned appears to think she is at the Annual Caricom Heads of Government Meeting when she is not – she is at the Caricom Intersessional – they are two completely different meetings and ZNS has been reporting the wrong thing in its newscasts since she got there.

And while at it, how many persons in total travelled in the government’s delegation to Haiti for this Intersessional Meeting? The country is supposed to be so broke that we no longer want to properly subsidize tertiary education, remember?

Many thanks.

BTW – For those who may want to “catch feelings” over this, it is nothing personal – except for my tax dollars, which are very personal indeed. As for ZNS, since they function on our tax dollars, I can speak on them when they are not reporting right, because I pay them to report – me and every other taxpayer. The private media houses who also have their fair share of issues however, do not answer to the taxpayers.

Nothing personal at all about the specific reporter – ZNS itself simply needs to make the correction, is all. Details are never irrelevant when you are in the business of educating and informing. And why is it that in the year 2013, ZNS is still travelling on our tax dollars only to send back phone reports? What is the purpose of travelling with the government’s delegation then? Phone reports can be done at home. For free.