(VIDEO) DPM Davis Tells Media A Bold-Faced Lie About The $15 Million Allocated For Urban Renewal

STOPTHELIESNow that Urban Renewal Commission Co-Chairs Cynthia Pratt and Algernon Allen have announced that there are no more privately donated funds left for Urban Renewal Centres throughout the country, the question was obviously raised as to why the centres now in the news needed to raise monies on their own for programmes there, when $15 million was allocated for Urban Renewal as per Prime Minister Christie’s Budget Communication back on May 30, 2012. (Video Below)

Mr. Davis told the media in response to that query that he as Minister responsible supposedly did not know what has been spent on Urban Renewal to-date, though the government should have already completed its Mid-Year Budget statement. He went on, in what was such a bold-faced lie it even gave me pause for a moment – to say the Prime Minister never said the $15 million he announced in his Communication was for Urban Renewal.

Well that was a complete lie, and here is the video to prove it:

Here is also the text of the Prime Minister’s Budget Communication where he states what the $15 million was being earmarked for: Urban Renewal 2.0 –

PM Christie 2012/2013 Budget Communication – Urban Renewal Allocation by Sharon Turner

A nice try at “lawyering” the Bahamian people Mr. Davis, but there has only been one Charter for Governance item put into full steam this fiscal year – URBAN RENEWAL.

We shall await the Mid-Year Budget Statement. In the meantime Mr. Davis, stop lying so recklessly like this, because not everyone is either disinterested enough or incompetent enough not to call you out on a lie to the Bahamian people, and call you out irrefutably.