Prime Minister: Stop Lying To The Bahamian People And Start Governing Them

Listen, if there is one thing many Bahamian people cannot stand is when you try to take them for a fool and you do it “dry-eye” and dead in their face.

Operatives of the PLP have the unmitigated gall, with PR help from the media, to try to make the country think they are now champions of the “right thing” on BTC, when this is the same group who formed the infamous shell company BlueWater that was being used to sell BTC to themselves on credit and without the foreknowledge of The Bahamian people?

Does Prime Minister Christie need the country to be reminded of this heinous act that took place in his Cabinet? The act that he stood up in Parliament and sheepishly tried to distance himself from by pointing out that he was not present on the day his Cabinet tried to sell BTC to themselves?

Prime Minister. You lied to the Bahamian people about BTC and about “getting BTC back.” Every sensible person knows this. So to try to come now and throw up yet another deceit-laced distraction, this time under the guise of a “bombshell BTC investigation” is beyond insulting to our intelligence as right-thinking Bahamians.

Moreover, when will you get over your apparent lifelong obsession with the man whose Party yours defeated at the polls, former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham? Nine months into your term and instead of focusing on the way forward and the many challenges facing us, you and your operatives still want to keep the country’s mind on Ingraham?

Prime Minister, we are tired of the games and the lies and the incompetence and the corruption and the foolery. If you are not going to do what you were elected to do, then do what Bulgaria’s Prime Minister did Wednesday – take yourself and your government and leave office, and allow the Bahamian people to make another decision about who should lead them.

Are the immediately apparent alternatives exciting or promising? Absolutely not. But if the person hired won’t do the job, then he or she should not have the job.

Stop lying to the Bahamian people sir, and start governing them. A nation with record unemployment, record debt and record crime cannot afford to have anything less.