The Government And Some In The Media Really Have No Shame

No ShameYou know, were it not for the realities of both entities aforementioned that I am fully aware of and accept as fact (in some cases, incorrigible fact), I would be amazed at the cloak and dagger foolery that they are now engaging in with respect to “new mysteries” about BTC.

Why is it that this same media, when given ACTUAL CABINET INFORMATION about the actual and factual scandal surrounding BTC prior to the May 2, 2007 general election, acted like it was no big deal, even though they didn’t have a political affiliate trying to tickle their ear with “a bombshell” back then, but they had THE information right in their hands – information on a scandal of which this same political affiliate was reportedly affiliated?

For weeks now we have watched certain sectors of the media report on literally nothing (re: Frankie Wilson’s claims about BTC). He has told them nothing, they claim he won’t tell them anything, they are running behind the Prime Minister like clowns asking him if he knows what Frankie is talking about, the Prime Minister is in turn, clowning them to their face, and all the while they are steady continuing to report NOTHING to the Bahamian people as though it is SOMETHING, even as they themselves say they have NOTHING. Who does that?

Incidentally, the Prime Minister cannot find anything pertaining to BTC “shocking” because it was him and his government that created the scandal about it when his Cabinet agreed to sell BTC behind the backs of the Bahamian people to Blue Water – a shell company consisting of GOVERNMENT MINISTERS.

Envy for me is a fiercely foreign emotion personally, but I must say that I envy those countries that have a media that actually respects the people they are reporting to, and of course those countries that also have a government that has respect period, for its citizens.

Parliament Debate Contribution by former Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham