Youth Groups & Bands On Grand Bahama Have Not Received Their Gov’t Grants & Cannot Get Answers From The Gov’t On Why

OURNATIONSYOUTHWill the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture please advise Youth Groups and Bands on Grand Bahama why government grants to these groups have not yet been issued since the government took office nine months ago?

Youth group members say they have not yet been given a meeting with the Minister to find out why the grants – which they have always been given – have not materialised. A meeting was recently supposed to be held at one of the island’s local venues for what was announced as the grant ceremony, but youth group members say the meeting was abruptly postponed with no explanation given and no new date set.

Approximately 50 youth groups on Grand Bahama received grants under the previous administration as part of the government’s policy of providing grants to such organisations to assist in their growth and development. Parents of youngsters who take part in these groups and indeed the youngsters themselves attest to their importance in providing positive, productive and educational outlets for our nation’s youth.

The youth of Grand Bahama have been asking for answers and by all means deserve answers, inclusive of whether the government has made the decision to cease grants to these groups, since we are now nine months into its term in office, and halfway into its fiscal year and the grants have not been issued.