I Feel Sorry For Our Good, Upstanding Police Officers

realtalkCommissioner Greenslade, I mean you no disrespect sir, but as a free Bahamian I have to say that I feel sorry for those who are the good and upstanding officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, because of the way the Force is being permitted to be puppetted at this stage by the powers that be.

In addition to the decrease in respect this kind of thing causes for the Force generally, all it does is put our officers in a position of being treated with added scorn because the nation in large part is angry with the government of the day – and to the extent that it sees the Force as being the puppet of the government, it will feel that same anger toward the Force, and not all officers of the Force deserve this.

Sir, I know because of your position there are things you cannot say publicly, and then there are things you are either made to say or decide to say. But since I fortunately do not have to answer to wayward politicians as you do sir, I can say what I responsibly choose to, and I say sir that I really wish you were not allowing the Force to go this way and be used this way.