Bahamians: Plan For Your Old Age, Save More And Spend Less

OURMONEYWe live life for today and don’t think about tomorrow like we ought to. We spend money like there is no tomorrow – but there is a tomorrow, and for far too many of us when that tomorrow comes, we find ourselves still having to depend on people to make it, after we have worked our whole lives taking home a salary that we spend before we even see it.

Plan or plan better for your old age Bahamians, and start saving more money. We spend money on things we don’t need to, and would be amazed at how much we could save if we would just stop doing that. And stop comparing yourselves to others saying “I don’t have no money to save like that.” If you have a salary, you have money to save. No matter how small the amount, it builds up over time. You don’t have to have “plenty money” in order to save. Look sensibly at your life and the things you can cut back on and start living for a more secure tomorrow.