Confirmed – Gaming Bill Is A Charade

JokerCardWhen asked about the Gaming Bill leaked to the media that the taxpayers have paid a reported half-million dollars-plus to have drafted, Prime Minister Christie said: “What y’all wanna talk to me about? The online gaming? The government of the Bahamas has not even considered yet what y’all are talking about,” he said.

Confirmed. As I said yesterday, the Bill that our money was spent on to compile will not be the Bill the government eventually tables. The Bill was leaked to the press by the government to create the controversy we are now seeing – one to get Bahamians to protest against their own “gaming referendum” no-vote, so as to give the Prime Minister a politically cultivated “out” to change the law to legalise the web shops – giving Bahamians the “equal rights” they are currently demanding.

The PM said the government “has not even considered yet” online gaming for hotels, but Atlantis has already been given the approval of government to start online gaming this week.

Minister Khaalis Rolle meantime, also told the media that the Bill may not be what eventually is brought to Parliament. In his comments to the media Khaalis talked too much, commenting on how Bahamians are currently responding to the Bill and how Bahamians said “no” before and now they seem to be saying “yes”.

Khaalis should have stopped talking, because his comments only further revealed what is going on here. If this is a matter the cabinet has not even decided on yet, why is a cabinet minister – (now the 2nd, Obie being the first) discussing details of it outside of cabinet? That is never done by the Cabinet because Cabinet deliberations are confidential by law.

It’s being done because this is a game, a game some Bahamians have already fallen for – just like the government hopes they will.