NIB Report Leak – Thanks For No New Info, And No Info On How Much This Report Cost Taxpayers

FAILAs expected and previously known about before today, the NIB report the Bahamian people paid for was leaked to the government’s people in the media – no surprise and also no big deal at this point, since what has been reported thus far was already in the public domain well before the report was even commissioned.

What the government’s people in the media should tell the country though, is what taxpayers still have not been told by the government – how much did the Bahamian people pay to have this report done, a report done to continue talking about the man who stood in the way of the PLP’s plans to take $20 million from NIB to share among themselves in two separate transactions?

If I was the PLP government, I would leak this report about Cargill ahead of my abysmal 1 year anniversary of governance too – I just would have at least had it say something different from what I already put out there, so as not to do such a washed-up, tired job at taxpayer expense of distracting from my plan to take $10 million in a bogus NIB investment plan, and another $10 million to buy the Finlayson’s City Markets Building – both transactions designed to put the $20 million total of NIB money into the hands of government officials and affiliates.