365 Days Later



The most important recollection of mine from the 2012 General Election was the profound feeling of disappointment I had, because I knew that everything we are experiencing today and worse to come, is what we would experience as a result of our decision at the polls.

It is my hope that in the future, Bahamians will stop being lazy in their democracy, get their minds right and vote according to issues, facts and knowledge – not personalities, payments, promises of payments and petty things that have nothing to do with good governance.

Those of you who took a couple of dollars for your vote – where are you today? Are you better off in life? NO, because unless your entire life is only worth a few dollars, a few dollars can’t change your world. Those of you who voted personality – are you happy now with the personalities you chose? NO – because running a country is not a personality contest or about giving you everything you personally want. Grow up Bahamas. Governance is about doing what is best for as many as you can, as often as you can. Real leaders lead – not tickle your fancy.

And those of you who spit in the face of a freedom millions around the world would die for and stayed home on election day, are you proud of yourselves? Your refusal to vote had an impact on the end results – don’t think you are innocent because you decided to take your freedom for granted. What you refuse to use, you lose – always remember that.

No Party is perfect. No leader is perfect. Democratic elections are not about choosing perfect people – they are about making the best choice of the options that come from your own families, communities and islands. Next time Bahamas, vote with an educated, informed and knowledgeable mind – not with politically pumped, paid off, personality contest-centered emotions.

In the meantime, you voted for this crew and they have turned around and pissed on you. They aren’t giving you any comfort, so don’t give them any either from now until you decide you want them out of your Parliament.