This Is Even Worse Than The Govt’s Poor Nassau Flood Response

downDo you know what is even more disturbing than the government’s incompetence in the Nassau floods? The fact that Bahamians do not seem to be rallying to help their own during this tragedy. I am seeing some Bahamians talk down to the persons affected, as though losing everything in a flood is no big deal. A flood is a flood.

When Katrina happened, churches here tried to raise $1 million of our money to send to a church there that already pulled in multi-millions annually. There is silence from the groups here who are in love with the media camera these days on galvanizing basic help for their own people. It makes it clearer to me why The Bahamas got the government it got on May 8, 2012.

Bahamians marched for numbers. Churches marched because of numbers. But where are the crowds marching to a location to donate basic items for their own who have lost so much? This flood is exposing the hearts of us for what they really are. We already know the government is worthless. But what help on the ground are other political parties providing? Not photo ops, actual help in hand that people can use today?

Cesspits in those areas are full of flood water, which means toilets are not flushing. Do yall understand what kind of health situation that is causing in those areas? And to see Bahamians actually say to other Bahamians “shut up, yall should be glad yall lived”, makes me see some Bahamians in a light that isn’t overly shocking, but is very, very telling.

We got a government that doesn’t care about us because we don’t care about us.