That Incident In Parliament….

realtalkTo the point, all mature, right-thinking persons know that violence on the part of our elected officials is not acceptable and is wrong by whoever carries it out. Here’s the one point about this matter that isn’t being properly discussed though – what is violence? Violence is an unwarranted or unjust act or exertion of force or power. The now infamous “slap” that made headlines this week is an act of violence and so is the putting of hands on someone without their consent.

See in our culture, so many men and women have such a warped view of how a woman should be treated that a man putting his hands on a woman inappropriately is no big deal. That doesn’t make headlines, because the violation of a woman in the minds of men and women is a light thing. And we women are to blame in large part for that, because we carry ourselves so disrespectfully that we teach our children, colleagues and society that respecting us is not required, much less a virtue.

For instance, if the slap did not happen, but the MP for Long Island had gone to reporters at Parliament and told them the MP for Fort Charlotte had his hands around her shoulder and she had to ask him several times to remove them, you know what every single reporter would have said in their heads – aw okay, and so??? Jokes on site may even have been cracked like, “oh he tryin’ to get lil fresh eh Mrs. Butler-Turner?” To the average media person, that incident would be like, “okay, so she don’t expect for me to put that in my news doh eh?” That is how we think, and there isn’t an honest journalist who can honestly deny that. The response to that action by Fort Charlotte got the breaking news on the media websites. The act by Fort Charlotte itself never would have.

What is violence? An act against someone that is unwarranted and unjust. Perhaps one day we can grow up to see the depth of that – and maybe much of the ways we treat each other as human beings and how we treat ourselves will change for the better.