International Shame – Again

DISGRACEThere is no other recorded instance in the 40-year history of an Independent Bahamas where our government presented a candidate for Ambassador to Washington who was rejected for cause. Slaps and political propaganda make media headlines in this country with ease. How much more should this?

This administration, which at the Cabinet level is an almost carbon copy of its 2002 – 2007 term, has once again brought shame to our name outside our borders. Do these people swear an oath to ruin the name of The Bahamas upon assuming office? In their last term, every time our name was majorly reported abroad, it was in the context of shame and scandal.

Due diligence is critical when selecting persons as diplomats to represent The Bahamas to the world. Our diplomats are our face – in the United States, in the United Nations and in all other countries where we hold embassies and consulates. The government will now have to select a new candidate for Ambassador. In addition to this is the issue of tax dollars spent for a candidate who will not be permitted to serve as posted.

When The Bahamas selects an Ambassador to Washington, we also have that same person serve from our embassy as our representative to the OAS (Organisation of American States). Right now, the failed candidate for Ambassador is acting in that OAS capacity, even though his Ambassadorship to Washington was not accepted, and even though our government has known for some time now that he would not be able to fill the Ambassador post.

The Bahamas government better not do foolishness here with our international reputation and taxpayer dollars by trying to allow their failed candidate to still hold the OAS post, and then selecting another person to be Ambassador – thereby paying for two people to hold the posts that only one person is supposed to hold. That is why the Minister of Foreign Affairs told the media he wont speak on the matter until July 1 – the start of the new fiscal year. It suggests a new appointment announcement will be made in tandem with the new budget year.

The government’s failed candidate for Ambassador should be recalled from the OAS and brought home. They can go ahead and give him whatever other new patronage job here at home they may desire – but don’t sully our reputation abroad, the reputation of our embassy in Washington, and waste our tax dollars to keep political appointees happy. The nation is bigger than any one man or woman and their agendas. What the government is playing with is not a toy, and when these guys are gone from office, it will be you and me who are left to pay for these types of things.