News Flash – DPM Davis Says None of Us Are Safe From Crime

youdontsayVery good Mr Brave Davis, you suddenly know what everybody living on earth knows – that crime can happen to anyone at any time – it just so happens that this time it hit home to you because your police bodyguard was regrettably shot.

What’s the matter DPM? Starting to feel like the rest of us Bahamians feel who don’t have bodyguards and lawful handguns? Those of us who live in the real world already know how real it is out in these streets, though your Cabinet colleagues upon assuming office decided they would become somewhat detached from that reality by getting strapped (carrying weapons).

As such, they presumably decided that they were safer from the rest of us by being able to carry. Now you seem to feel that not even the record number of police officers your government took off the streets fighting crime to be personal aides to Ministers, can help you feel the safety that the rest of us don’t generally feel day-to-day. Anyway Mr. Davis, thanks for letting real Bahamians know what we’ve been knowing every day of our life for years. Crime can impact any of us, and you were among the chief liars who tried to make the country think you and your crew could actually change that reality for the better.

Incidentally, in addition to the domestic threats related to crime – that nationally headlined quote by the DPM is not a good look for tourists and the rest of the world. The regrettable shooting of his aide must have really shaken DPM Davis up, because if only for politics, it was a statement one would have thought he would think twice about making. Always ironic when life forces the truth out of you in spite of yourself.