After Over $1 Billion in Borrowing, Now Health Insurance For Uniformed Branches Is Being Cut?

WhatsGoingOnWithout prior warning/consultation, our uninformed branches have learned that the government is cutting their health insurance by $7 million.

Bahamas, think deeper than just the Party you support for a moment. Governments in a democracy who see themselves as answerable to the people, do not make major decisions like this without even a word of consultation with those who will be affected. When you see this kind of thing continue, it is because you are under an autocratic, not a democratic group of leaders – meaning they see you as their servant, not their boss and therefore do not regard you in anything they plan to do to you.

The Bahamian people should not sit back and give the government comfort in this kind of governance. This goes deeper than just the Party you support – this is about what is happening to you and your rights under this kind of governance. You cannot decide to make major changes to the pockets, security and lives of Bahamians and give them no warning and no consultation – servants of the people do not govern this way.

The government has borrowed over one billion dollars in just a year but cannot pay health insurance for the uniformed branches in the country? What is the over one billion being spent on, if it is not being spent on these items on Recurrent Account that have existed before the borrowing began? Millions are being given out in “consultants reports” and consultant work, but government salaries can’t be paid on time and now health insurance can’t be paid either? The question of where all this borrowed money is actually being spent is a very serious question.

As for how we the people ought to respond to all that is happening – the Opposition in this country is telling people to come and sit and wait with them ’till 2017 rolls around. The Opposition needs to break with their old ways of thinking about politics and governance and decide to become real and true change agents in this country.

Sitting there and waiting out your own five-year plan while the country continues to be destroyed is not what leaders of the future ought to be doing. If you really believe this government shouldn’t last 5 years, then you ought to be readying yourself now with the everyday people in this nation, touching them where they are at and sparking true change.

Stop the Parliament games and get serious about the Bahamian people and their needs. Did you notice this insurance cut in the Budget you voted yes to? The Bahamian people now need agents of change, not people who are sitting back waiting for their turn after 5 years of damage to be called “the Honorable.” be the true change the Bahamian people need now, not four years from now. Give the young and not-so-young truly inspirational leadership today and teach the public how they ought to respond to what their government is doing today.