Just As I Told You – The Gov’t Willfully Mislead The Country About Our Ambassador to the U.S

STOPTHELIESTo my readers – Didn’t I tell you this is what happened, that the government (as it finally announced today) withdrew Dr. Elliston Rahming’s name from consideration for Ambassador to the United States from months ago, but didn’t tell the public or media? I first wrote about this withdrawal via my Facebook blog in late May/early June. My last post on this was back on July 12 where I said:

July 12 at 2:20am“why doesn’t the gov’t simply tell the country that it no longer has Elliston Rahming’s name before the us at all anymore for ambassador, and that the reason a new name has not been announced as yet is that they are seeking to get the new person approved first so as not to look stupid a second time?”

The government willfully deceived the Bahamian people for months on this important matter, and still has not accounted to the people for why it withdrew our first candidate. Remember now, this is The Bahamas’ name that is on the line here – not Rahming or anyone else. Diplomatic matters affect the entire country’s reputation, not just that of a single individual.